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Weird week, guys.  Recovering from that stomach bug made this such a weird week.

I already told you about how we kicked off the weekend with a killer bout of the flu.  I'm the only one who escaped (apparently) unscathed - I did have a day where I threw up a few more times than is normal at this point in pregnancy, but not so much that I'm convinced I had the flu.  It may have just been morning sickness.  I didn't get a fever, or body aches, or exhaustion.  I was feeling pretty normal for the most part, which is pretty astonishing when you consider that a) everyone else was knocking. on death's door, and b) I was running on a pretty serious sleep deficit.

By Monday, we were all in recovery mode.  Todd stayed home from work, since he had a pretty serious case of the influenza hangover.  (It's a thing.)  The kids and I got back into the school routine, and luckily it just so happened to be a pretty lightly scheduled week, which made things easy on us.  I started walking on the treadmill again after taking quite a few days off, so it feels good to know that I didn't fall off the bandwagon completely.

The rest of the week has been trying to slowly rev back up into a normal pace of life.  I haven't made a full-on grocery trip in NEARLY FOUR WEEKS.  It's dire around here.  I'm going to try to get there this morning, but if I can't, the next time I can go will be Sunday afternoon... or Tuesday morning.  The kids are wasting away.  They'll tell you all about how I've been making them subsist on salad and leftover chicken.  Pitiful.

I've been battling a nearly constant migraine for the last three or four weeks, and it reared its head again a couple days ago, and it's still going strong.  I think this may be an ongoing thing this pregnancy, which stinks.  Chiropractic seems to help, but only for a few days before the headache comes back.  Bleh.  The week has been further complicated by the fact that this tiny warrior is cutting molars.  He loves every second of it, if you can't tell.  We're all just falling apart around here.

And, other than that, the only other news I have to share is that I'll be starting a series of Facebook live chats, and the first one will take place on Monday night!  We'll start with the topic of time management for moms - something I've had to learn the (very) hard way.  Lots of good stuff should be covered - how to schedule your day in a way that ACTUALLY works with your personality and season of life, how to make sure you get time to yourself, what a typical day looks like for me, resources I've found especially helpful, etc.  If you're still not convinced, you can watch me babble about it for a few minutes if you so choose...

The live chat will take place on the (very recently established) The Minivan Voorsts Facebook page, so even if you haven't added me personally as a friend on Facebook, you can still tune in.  Monday night at 8:00 central.  Please head over and chat with me - ask questions, make comments, be your usual wonderful self. 

Have a great weekend, guys!

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