video vednesday: word to your mother.

i will be turning twenty-nine on the 26th of this month.  i am planning on dedicating my twenty-ninth year to learning the dance moves to this entire music video.  but here's the thing:  i need three friends to do it with me, so we can all dance in a line with our hands on each other's butts, because it's apparently more legit that way.  also, i'm going to need one of you to carry a child on your shoulders for no obvious reason.

who's in?!?  don't everyone throw down at once.  if i have too many applicants, there will definitely be a dance audition at some point.  and probably an essay question involved, since i like to make sure that my dancers know how to wax a chump like a candle.


todd said...

will it ever stop?
i don't know.

Anastasia said...

I am SO in! I love this song and had it memorized in 7th grade.