a bug's (night) life.

it's monday, you guys.  a fresh start.  it's almost april, the forecast is beautiful, the kids are as healthy as can reasonably be expected, and i'm not going to complain.  shocker, i know, but there you have it.  i'm turning over a new, glass-half-full kind of leaf.

in other news, i discovered recently that the  houseplant i just got at aldi like a month ago is home and habitat to a veritable ecosystem of wildlife.  earthworms, centipedes, nasty little larvae, mormon flies, fruit flies, you name it.  all apparently hitched a ride into my house in the soil of my new plant.  which i could count as a grievance, but i won't, for three reasons:  1.  i just said i'm not going to complain, 2. i bought it from aldi and i refuse to say a single ill word about anything aldi does because i love that place more than i love a couple people i could name (don't worry, they're both tv characters), and 3. the plant has pink leaves....PINK LEAVES.  no wonder all the bugs are attracted to it, it's like a fluorescent night club and they're all like 'haaaayyyyyyy.'  and who can blame a bug for just wanting to dance somewhere trendy for once, and finally fit in with the popular bugs?  no one, that's who.  at least they're starting to care what people think, which is a step in the right direction, if you ask me.

anyway, because it's pink and it's almost april, the plant didn't go directly into the compost pile.  it's a cordyline (as if that means something to anyone) and is, according to the tag, hardy down to 32 degrees.  i'm playing it fast and loose by counting on global warming to keep it alive outside this early in the spring (because, hey, who are we kidding?  global warming has also apparently been responsible for making things colder at times, so who really knows what the crap is up with the climate anyway?).  but out there it is, and has been for exactly two days, and is still as pink as it was before.  so here's to finger crossing that it lives, and that the birds figure out that there are little beasties in there to snack on so i don't have to fill the bird feeder.  getting bugs out of my house AND doing something good for bird-kind?  BOOM, that's what i call a double rainbow on this delightful monday morning.

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todd said...

double rainbow all the way across the sky?

you, my darling, are like nature: you come to life in the Spring, you thrive in the summer, you're gorgeous in the Fall and you die in Winter.