spring has sprung, but surprisingly, i don't seem to care.

now is around the time of year when i'm usually chomping at the bit to get outside and get some stuff growing.  i've usually got baby seedlings doing their newborn thing around here.  i've usually got diagrams of garden rotations and where stuff grew last year, and where it will grow this year.  i've usually gotten seeds ordered.  this year, all i have to show for the upcoming spring is a bunch of empty milk jugs lining my hallway and a nagging feeling that i should be realistic and just throw them out, instead of pretending like i'm still going to 'winter sow' in them.  (because, hello, it's not even winter anymore.)

but i'm holding out hope that something will stir in my cold, dead heart and i will soon get the gumption i usually get in spring.  otherwise, come august, i will have no still-warm-from-the-sun tomatoes to eat, and no cucumbers to complain about and then throw in the compost.  and that's barely a life, amiright?

plus, i've promised myself that at some point i'm going to become a doomsday prepper, and i feel like i would just be faking it to fill my cold-storage room (which i actually have, btw) with store bought cans of green beans and the like.  that's just asking for status as a C-string prepper, and it shames my cold storage room to no end.  so i really need to get my hiney in gear if i plan on trophying in surviving the apocalypse, which is really why i garden in the first place.

anybody else getting ready to get planting?


Danielle Tiarks said...

I'd like to. Is it not too late? I dont' know these things....

todd said...

one of my favorite places to eat when i was a kid living on the farm in south dakota was with my mom at a little old church that was converted into a restaurant called "The Garden of Eatin'" I ALWAYS ordered the tacos. Just like Heaven on earth.