in which i complain about something trivial.

so, you know how there's always that one task that is the bane of your existence?  like unloading the dishwasher.  WHY, OH WHY, do we even use dishes?!  if we just ate raw food, with our hands, directly off the table at each meal, i would buy back like an hour of my life every day.  (if you count both loading and unloading, twice a day.)  every time i walk into the kitchen, it's like i'm being led to my death.  i swear even sad music starts playing.

but lately a dark horse has been vying for the place of #1 Worst Job of the Day:  prepping lunch.  i really don't know why i hate it so much.  it's the easiest meal of the day.  i don't heat anything, i don't use pots and pans, it takes no advance planning.  i basically just plunk some carrots, lettuce, almonds, fruit and probiotic sauerkraut/pickles on everyone's plate and call it good.  (sometimes if they've been really good they get olives or cheese, which they don't love because i buy the aged stuff, so it doesn't feel like a reward to them, but still.)  if we're out of soaked almonds, they get peanut butter.  if we're out of peanut butter, they get nut thins.  that is the extent to which i vary our lunchtime meal.  easy peasy, right?

but OH. MY. WORD.  i just hate it right now!  first world problem, i know, but still.  i wish i could just send them out to forage now that it's nice outside, but dandelions aren't in season yet, and they'd probably just end up eating stuff they found in the compost pile.  or spit-roasting the neighbor's shih tzu.  maybe a better option would be to teach them to prep lunch for me...

that sounds like a better plan, actually.  'give a man a shih tzu, and you'll feed him for a day; teach him to open the box of lettuce by himself, and you feed him for a lifetime.'  okay, it's settled.  today is Day One of the rest of my lunch-prep-free life.

what's your most hated task these days?


todd said...

taking cans back to the store. i know it's like $0.05 per, but i'm still almost like, "it'd be worth it just to set the bags out for someone other motivated soul to redeem them."

the jersk. said...

definitely dishes. we had so many stacks pouring over our countertops I told josh I would rather throw them all away and just get new dishes. ugh. that and actually putting away laundry instead of just rifling through a basket or more likely the couch/bed/floor.

Anastasia said...

Folding laundry.