for the zero of you out there who have never seen 'friends.'

sorry i was out of commission toward the end of last week.  i came down with some kind of stomach bug and was pretty useless (unless you count winning infinity games of one-handed solitaire useful).  which also means that i have no news to share, unless you want me to fill you in on the plot of season eight of 'friends' (and season nine, too, if i'm being honest - there was a lot of TV going on in this neck of the woods on this end of the couch).

so, basically, rachel gets pregnant with ross' baby.  also, chandler quits his job after having to live in tulsa for a while, and joey falls in love with rachel.  phoebe starts dating this guy named mike.  monica does whatever anal retentive thing she normally does, but she's recently had her teeth veneered and her forehead botoxed, so she's starting to look a little crazy.  chandler's hair is REALLY bad for a while - whoever was on hair duty at the time must've been sleeping on the job.   while simultaneously wielding a hot iron and whatever god-forsaken pomade they used.

anyway, you know how it goes from there:  the baby is born, joey doesn't propose to rachel, monica and chandler interrogate this co-worker of chandler's to see if his sperm is top-shelf.  pretty much the plot to every sitcom ever, amiright?

anyway, i'll not give away the rest.  you'll have to watch it yourself on netflix if you're feeling that titillated.  (is the guy's sperm up-to-snuff?!?!?!?!  like i'd give that cliff-hanger away.)

in other TV news, todd and i watched 'unbreakable kimmy schmidt' on netflix, and it was hilarious, guys.  tina fey is a goldmine.  we also recently started re-watching 'lost,' and as much as i'm LOVING it, i'm already dreading the terrible, terrible letdown that is the series finale.  that show's ending is the definition of unsatisfying.

anyway, now that i have bored you all to death (and alarmed you) with the rundown of the extensive amount of television i've watched lately, i will gracefully bid thee adieu.  because i'm off to watch more TV.  adieu.


todd said...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. thank you the Jersk.

Lost is fun to watch again. It's fun knowing where it goes overall, while having forgot some of the details as we march along.

the jersk. said...

uks is the best. Titus is my favorite. so glad you liked it!