'what's up' weekly.

laurelai and her mouthful-of-sourdough would like to congratulate you on making it through the week.  she knows it hasn't been easy.  she's proud of you.

last weekend, todd surprised me by leaving the kids with my parents and taking me away for the weekend.  by 'away,' i mean like eighteen blocks away, to this hotel downtown that is the oldest continuously-run hotel west of the mississippi.  that is an old hotel, my friends, and if you know one thing about me, it's that i like old stuff.  let me rephrase:  if you know me well enough to summarize me by my tastes, you would know that i'm the kind of person that can get 110% behind a fancy old hotel that has fancy old stuff but also a brand-new mattress and a jetted tub.  and that is paige van voorst in a nutshell.

see?  it even has a kickin' brass key.  which i thought todd stole for a second in the middle of the surprise.  i was all, 'just because you find a key in the door, does not mean you can go peeping around other people's rooms!'  and then i found out it was, in fact, our legitimately claimed key and legitimately claimed room.  i got the smartzz.

also this week?  eye doctor appointments, and a makeup buddy:

and wrapping it up with a bit of news, i'm going to be cutting out of here next week.  and by here, i mean the internet.  it's currently the end of february and i kind of hate everybody and everything and the whole world right now, so i think i need a little bit of a breather to re-humanize.  #sorrynotsorry #butactuallysorry

i like the dutch, because they acknowledge spring early.  tulips are the first sign that the world is not actually ending, which is always a helpful reminder.

see you a week from monday!

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todd said...

tulips: the first sign that the world is not actually ending

you're welcome.
the Dutch