weird 'w.u.w.' post, but okay.

haaaaaaaaaaaay guys, it's FRIDAY!

i'm sorry that i've been such a veritable turd of a blogger this week.  i've actually been working on a really exciting new blog project for our church, which has taken up a lot of hours this week, and will be launching on sunday.  i've also been juggling a highly unusual number of medical/dental checkups for the kids this week, and time just slips away.  also?  i've been reading a super absorbing novel, and i'd rather read than blog most days, if i'm just shooting you straight.

so there are this week's excuses for the scraggly posts this week.  i'll try to do better next week (and finish the novel over the weekend so that it's not still vying for my heart by monday).

ps - 'what's up weekly' is the hardest post of the week to write when your laptop's 'w' key is on the fritz... you really should medal me for the effort i put into just this post.  or not.  up to you.


Heather said...

What are you reading?!

todd said...

3 noses?

wave of babies

paige said...

'm reading the Time Traveler's Wife, which i even hesitate to mention because i don't know if i'd recommend it - the story is great, the writing is great, but there is a TON of sex in it. so take that how you will

Heather said...

Amazon has repeatedly tried to coerce me into buying this book. I believe their words are, "We think you would like..." Curious - nay, worried what that says about me.