it should come as no surprise to you that i am weirdly into sherlock holmes.

happy monday, guys!  just popping in to say hey.  i finished reading my current novel yesterday, so i have a bit more free time now - for the time being anyway, as i then immediately started 'light in august.'  i love faulkner, though it's not exactly speed reading, so it is yet to be determined just how absorbing (and time-sucking) the book will be.  i'm also slowly reading through an entire collection of sherlock holmes stories.  why?  BECAUSE I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES AND I BLAME THE BBC.

i am telling you, if you only have time to watch one more series before you die, SHERLOCK HAS TO BE IT.  it would be a huge shame to die without having seen it.  i have no qualms about asserting that wholeheartedly.  it is just so, so excellent.  

anyway, i've started reading the stories to see how they compare to/influence the show.  i tend to be a person who, on principle, refuses to watch an adaptation before reading the influencing literature.  which explains why i'd not seen a single harry potter movie before last year.  i haven't seen the hunger games movies, because i'm not convinced i'll ever read the books.  

but i had no idea that i cared about reading sherlock holmes mysteries before watching the show.  admittedly, the original stories are a bit...stupid, especially for a modern audience that's used to figuring out complex crime dramas.  (and, apparently, a post-1960's american audience who knows what the KKK is - that case stumped sherlock and watson for a bit, because 'KKK' was probably a monogram...right?  ah, the victorian british.)  plus, i cannot for the life of me figure out from the written stories why on earth holmes cares AT ALL about watson, who is a blithering, starstruck, idiot puppy.  (sorry for the strong language, watson.)  only idiots keep company with idiots, and sherlock is not an idiot, so it makes no sense why he wants him around.

i have to say - this is the first time ever in the history of ever that i have recommended the film/tv version of something far more strongly than the books, but there you have it.  a first time for everything.  (disclaimer, though: i've not read all the stories, as the collection i have is over 900 pages by itself, and it only includes one of the novels.  perhaps they get better?  perhaps watson gets more likeable at some point and holmes becomes more realistically human?)

anyway, to sum up, i'm currently reading 'light in august' and 'the complete original illustrated sherlock holmes.'  i'm also currently seeking to fill a void left by finishing up all of the episodes of sherlock.  (twice, actually.  the moment we finished them, we started back at the beginning again, because, as with harry potter, i just could not leave the story right away.  i get weird like that about quality fictional characters.)  so we started watching 'the bletchley circle,' another BBC show, and while it is good, it is not fantastic.  i need fantastic.  any suggestions?

(i will vulnerably note that i have, indeed, watched the first episode of each Dr. Who and Downton Abbey and... i really did want to like them, and well, if you tell me they get better at some point, i would be happy to believe you.)

okay, suggestions: GO.


Emily said...

Yes, Sherlock. I think I tried to read the stories that corresponded to each episode, but maybe only read two. I'd like to read the rest, but yes, the show is so well done. The only problem Andrew and I have with it is that they profane God's name quite a bit.
Did you watch the very first Doctor Who or Episode 1 of the reboot? I started at the reboot and Episode 1 is awful and ridiculous, but I was told they get better. I watched all the way up to almost the most recent Doctor, but it never really captured me. It was entertaining.
Episode 1 of Downton Abbey is also the worst of all the episodes in my opinion. But it's basically a soap opera that can get away with seeming like a real drama because it's British.
Have you ever watched the old Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth? I

Danielle Tiarks said...

ADORE Sherlock. When the series first came out (and only season 1 was on Netflix), I binge watched it over and over. I think I've seen the first episode probably a dozen times because I insisted on making each of my friends watch it with me on different occasions (upon which THEY would get addicted).

I've also read the Sherlock stories, but I do not get the impression that Watson is an idiot at all, just a good friend who details his bizarre friend's findings. And it amuses me to no end to find traces of the stories that end up in the show. For example, when Watson gets married in the book, someone points out he's gained weight; he denies saying it's only been about 2 (or something small) and Sherlock corrects "definitely 7." The same dialog happened in the show and I fangirl giggled.

The whole show is just brilliant. Nothing even comes close.

The Crislers said...

Someone just pointed me toward "The Great British Baking Show." I've never been a watcher of a cooking shows or any of those cake and cupcake battle royales that seem to be all over the place, but I just watched Episode 5 of this season's Great British Baking Show, and it was lovely and entertaining. (Episode 5 is as far back as it will let me go, and expires tomorrow.) Derek and I have also been enjoying Midsomer Murders on Netflix and quote it almost as much as Friends now.

Now: What is this novel you couldn't put down? Did you mention it on here and I missed it?

The Crislers said...

Whoops- here's a link to the British Baking thingy:

todd said...

i am also sherlocked.

i also do not shave for sherlock holmes.

and i would suggest Walking Dead, but i feel like that's eating a dead horse. ha! yep. i went there. and you'd get to see that, no joke in season one.