what's up weekly: 'laurelai's face' edition.

laurelai's face had many a tale to tell this week.  such as this tragedy.

and this tale of unconditional bathtime love toward a mother who looks like a hobo.

and this tale of innocent flirting.

and this tale of ponytailed suspicion.

and this lovely fairy tale of the millions of children that lived in a shoe on a couch.

and this tale of maternal affection...

and irrepressible joy...

...and a sisterly bond that vanquished all naysayers with a single look.

and this grand finale of a contemplative cuddle with her one true love.

and that is one expressive week, as demonstrated by laurelai.  i think we all could learn something from her.


todd said...

i love my little lady

Amanda Cushman said...

Oh my gosh, the ponytail! She's so matter what the face!

the jersk. said...

i showed josh and he practically fangirled over all her cute faces. then he said we were lucky we don't live closer because he'd think she was cuter than our own baby. (admittedly, i agree.)