recipe round-up, and a promise i'll try my darndest to keep...

last whole30 post, i swear.

here's what we ate and actually liked (there were a few flops; i'll just leave those out):

we mostly ate eggs and bacon, or nuts and fruit and veggies.  once we made these frittata muffins, which were decent, but pretty coconutty.  coconut + eggs= weird.  this breakfast sausage was a big hit, too.

hamburger soup from the pioneer woman
carne asada soup (using chuck roast, which i then pulled into small pieces to make it more soup-y.)
tuna salad made with paleo ranch (see mayo link below) on plantain chips

otherwise, we did a lot of 'fridge roulette'-style lunches:  some kind of combination of nuts, seeds, raw or leftover veggies, lettuce, fruit, sauerkraut, olives, etc. etc. etc.

dinner entrees:
i made these lemon chicken breasts like once a week.  so good.  (used chicken broth instead of wine.)
crackling chicken thighs
big salads with sauteed chicken on top
this one-skillet dish i made up with sauteed red onions, red peppers and sliced italian sausage links
hamburger patties with diced sweet peppers
pot roast (again from the pioneer woman - that lady can seriously do no wrong.)
roasted bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, diced sweet potatoes, diced bell peppers (inception!), mushrooms, garlic, onions, and tomato sauce
seafood scampi (with ghee instead of butter, and broth instead of wine)

side dishes and other randoms:
mayo (added dill, green onions, garlic, paprika and extra lemon juice to make ranch dressing)
collard greens with prosciutto and mushrooms sauteed in bacon grease (oh my word, SO GOOD.  don't add salt.)

that was our month of food, and now i'll shut up about it.  i think.

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todd said...

it took me like 5 times to prove that i wasn't a robot. it keeps getting harder to convince this thing that i'm legit.

i liked the salads with grilled chicken a lot.