weekly 'what's up.'

what happened this week?  atticus worked hard, learning how to spidey his way through life.

it snowed.  we try to make the first snow more fun by making fudge with the kids and ordering in pizza for dinner.  it makes it a little easier to stomach the fact that this is going to be our lives for the next six months.  cheery.

at least it's pretty, right?

and at least the kids like it, right?  right?!  (there was one day that was warm enough for them to be outside in the snow; the rest of the week it's been downright frigid.)

penelope once had a ponytail in, and then took it out:

with all the snow, there has been lots of indoor play.  some of the most imaginative stuff goes down around here during indoor playtime.  check out atticus' skid steer, complete with control levers and front bucket:

and here's our pirate ship, complete with our very own pirate!  the chairs are the ship, the piano bench is the gang plank.

our neighbors down the street had a kitchen fire, so there were three fire trucks and a chief car parked outside our house for the afternoon.  atticus was glued to the window.

randomly, atticus had the flu for an hour on tuesday morning.

and in other news, todd and i watched the first star wars, which i hadn't seen in years, and which i only found okay.  please don't hate me.  i wanted to like it, i did.  relatedly, todd thinks we should start our own youtube channel called 'todd and paige mock the classics.'  it got brutal up in here, but star wars took it like a man.  a man with a laser gun and unending bullets that still never seem to hit their targets.

also?  we started watching through the harry potter movies again.  now THAT is a movie series i can get behind and only make fun of minimally.  (don't worry, i would never stoop so low as to make fun of one of the books. but i think we can all agree that the movies can stand to be bullied at least a little.)

and that was our unusually notable week.


todd said...

"todd and paige mock the classics" coming soon to a Youtube near you.

by a show of hands, who'd watch?

Danielle Tiarks said...

Highlights real? Totally. I think that would be a great Vid-vednesday

But I don't think I'd have time to watch the entirety of Star Wars with you guys bashing. Hilarious, of course, but I ain't got time fo that.

the jersk. said...

in a world of perfect scenarios, i steal you and we hole up in a hotel somewhere with wine and all the harry potter movies and we just binge watch them with snacks until the wolves come home.