our first major snowfall this winter.

our first snowstorm hit a while ago, but now that the weather has taken some midol and is in the forties again, i feel like i can finally bring myself to relive it.

atticus' favorite activity is scooping.  i have a feeling i will be taking fair advantage of this fact in the future.

what better snow-time activity exists than bike riding?

the fact that atticus' bike is toddler-sized is made even more obvious (and hilarious) when he's all decked out in bulky snow gear.  also, it has a flat tire.  luckily for him, the bike situation will be remedied at christmas, then he can snow-bike to his heart's content.  (don't ruin the surprise for him, though, or i'll be forced to cut off your thumbs.)

after outside time, i frequently let the kids drink tea.  this day was no exception.

that evening, we ordered in pizza and made fudge, as is our annual tradition.  since we made the fudge after dark, under recessed lighting, and since it's fudge, not every photo was entirely appetizing, but i can assure you it did not taste like Photos of Fudge Under Recessed Lighting After Dark.

if every snow day were like this, i think i could manage winter a little more readily.  that, and if my toddler didn't legitimately seem to have SAD.  as it is, this snow day was a good one, and we'll take them day by day.

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todd said...

snow way, you said something positive about a snow day?