our little halloweenies went as a barbershop quartet, thanks to my mom and her mad sewing skills.

i had originally planned on taking them downtown for the trick-or-treat on main street event, but they slept late at naptime and we didn't get out the door until it was too late.  so then we tried to go to this local church's trick-or-treat event, which was supposed to go until 6:00, but when we arrived at 5:30, the whole place was dead.  (spooky?!??!)  so then i fed them some bananas and bread for dinner while we waited around until 6:00, when neighborhood trick-or-treating started. but we looked outside to find that only one house on our street had its light on, so we drove to paul and jenni's to show off the kids, but they weren't home.  so then we drove back home to trick-or-treat on the next street over.  we apparently ended up putting a bunch of mileage on the van for no reason.

we only went around a single block, but it was fah-reezing, and laurelai's whole little body was tremoring, so we high-tailed it home.

kind of anticlimactic, i guess. 

it turns out, laurelai is offended by leaf-throwing.

needless to say, their haul wasn't as substantial as it has been in years past, but that's almost a perk of having done it this way.  plus, we bought some candy for the kids to pass out and we didn't have a single trick-or-treater visit us, so we've still got all of that madness sitting around, giving us the stank-eye.

all in all, it was a pretty fun halloween!


todd said...

that was fun... lead
that was fun... tenor
that was fun... bass
that was fun... baritone

Jessica said...

Every year, you guys have the most original costumes. Love it!
Did I tell you about the family that visited us last year dressed up as a circus family? I think that might be a good theme for your family one year!
Todd could totally a grow a wicked 'stache for it.

Jarrod Bartholomew said...

Looking forward to the album!!