so, it's november still, for those of us who need a reminder.

okay, guys.  let's talk about something.  people are hanging christmas lights already??!  

no, seriously, though.  we are better than this.  i am just so disappointed.  obviously, i blame hobby lobby.  i should have seen this coming in, like, july, when the christmas trees started showing up in that place.  how can we not expect a free-for-all after such corporately condoned antics?

which is why i also blame hobby lobby for the snow and the downright tundra-like conditions.  i realize hobby lobby has already taken their fair share of heat for stuff they have no business being held responsible for, but siberian temperatures in november is definitely something i'm willing to peg on them.  they asked for it.  they wished this upon us when they started playing that 'kenny g seduces christmas' CD in august.

i realize i'm getting quite literally grinch-like, as i sit here wondering what can be done about all of this, and how high up the management chain i'll need to go to get my complaints addressed.  i'm all, 'i must stop christmas from coming...but how?'  and i think the 'but how?' part of that equation probably involves leaving passive aggressive voicemails for any middle manager whose poor judgment call it was to allow me to track down their number.

OR.  i can solicit an army of able-bodied, stout-hearted, iron-principled readers who will stand with me and work to see justice prevail.  it was mother teresa who said, 'we can do no great things, only small things in great love.'  and i think she meant something a little more global by it, but i also think that, way way way underneath the main point, she was hinting that we should all do one small thing with love for the last remnants of fall:  stand strong, my friends, and don't give in to hanging your lights.  don't listen to those christmas stations on pandora yet and maybe fall will come back for a little while.  i'm only agreeing with mother teresa here.

the bible says that there is a time for every season under heaven.  it is not christmas season.  do not awaken love until it so desires, just revel a little longer in the season we've currently been given.  and to reiterate, that current season is FALL.  FALL, YOU GUYS.  FALL.


Alana said...

Nope. My tree is up, wreath hung, presents wrapped, and garland draped. No Thanksgiving=no way to judge "too soon," so it's a free for all Down Under. I commend your quest, however. Soldier on.

todd said...

i'm in only as long as having Fall back means having temps back in the 50s.

The Crislers said...

A friend of mine's dad hung his outdoor Christmas lights weeks ago, and when she was like, "DAD, you have officially become that old guy that hangs up his Christmas crap the day after Halloween," he said, "No, I've become wise enough to know that you hang your Christmas lights when it's still warm out and you don't freeze to death LIKE YOU WILL IN DECEMBER."

Also? We started playing Christmas music a week ago. NOT ASHAMED. You soldier on in your quest, friend; I will just sit here cackling while I eat gingerbread men and listen to "White Christmas."

Danielle Tiarks said...

A friend mentioned that if Iowa is going to force her to live in zero degree temperatures, might as well bust out the Christmas gear given that it FEELS like Christmas weather anyway. I'm kind of with her; it's freezing butt cold, and maybe a little Christmas cheer might actually make me less of a grinch, knowing that it's soon coming.

Fall = crunchy leaves and sweatshirt
Winter = snow and blasted wind and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

paige said...

YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST AND NO HELP TO MY CAUSE. i hope fall weather returns and you all feel like fools, FOOLS!

except for you, alana. everything is backwards in australia anyway, and it's probably in the 80's where you are, so you can't be expected to stand strong for fall.

Emily said...

I'm on team Not Christmas Yet with you, Paige! I can understand putting up lights before it gets cold, but that doesn't mean they have to be turned on.
What is your stance on how long Christmas things are allowed to be left up after Dec. 25?

paige said...

i'm part of the 'christmas isn't over yet!' camp, which i realize probably makes me a hypocrite in some weird way. i try to leave stuff out until epiphany (jan 6), but i think i got itchy before that last year. what's your stance?

Emily said...

I think it might be a matter of laziness winning. I wait to put stuff out because it's work to lug it all out of the basement (ok, it's one tree and maybe two boxes, but still...) and then you have to pack it all back up. Also, once it's all put away, it's just winter. Cold, dark, depressing winter.

YAYA said...

I am with you in your quest! We were shopping on Sunday am almost got caught up in this all - too - early falala. Then I remembered. It's not even thanksgiving yet. Don't let them hijack the last bit of the fall season. Be gone snow. We still need to finish raking our leaves.

Our life in pictures said...

I'm with you Paige! It drives me crazy! One of the drs at work told me in Chicago if you have Christmas d├ęcor up before thanksgiving it's free game to tear it down! I'm sorta on board with that...if we lived closer I'd say we try it :)
Some of he music we are guilty of listening to year round if we want...I mean it's really church music...but not snow, or jingle, or Santa songs

todd said...

probably part of your "Fall"en nature that attracts you so much to besmirching the good name of Christmas h8r. :)