stuff covered in urine, et. al.

the van voorsts are on a roll, folks!  this is the longest streak i've kept track of in a while.  we're on day seven (or maybe eight?) of Extra Loads of Laundry Due to Bodily Fluids!

first it was diarrhea from kid one.
then diarrhea from kid two.
then kid three peed his pants.
then kid two peed on her sheets.  twice.
then kid three pooped in his undies.
then i peed my pants.  yes, i did.*
then kid four barfed on his sheets.  and on his sister's sheets.
then kid three peed his pants and kid two spit up on the rug.

so i guess that's eight days in a row.  the van voorsts are not be mighty at much, but we are mighty good at covering our stuff with our various discharges.  PLEASE COME ON OVER!

*not really sure what happened there.  i maintain that a body that has produced and delivered four babies will still always be postpartum in many regards.  consider me miles davis.


Danielle Tiarks said...

Without meaning to, I made your bodily fluids story a game of trying to guess who is who.

todd said...

not to brag, but i'm the only one who hasn't peed or pooped my pants in the van voorst clan.

although, that would be a funny thing to brag about around the water cooler at work today.

in other news, the streak continues, kid three peed in his bed and kid two peed through her onesie today.

we're on a roll....