why? i don't know.

i can't think of what to write about, so i figured i'd tell you some outright lies:

*I GOT A NEW TATTOO!  don't ask me where.

*episodes of roseann on syndication make me feel like dying.

*if i could go anywhere in the world, i'd pick the des moines zoo, because it's where todd proposed.

*the most disgusting thing i've ever eaten was strawberry shortcake from the bowling alley diner.

*in the eighth grade, i begged and begged and begged for one of those gold grills that people wear over their front teeth, and i guess i was annoying enough about it that my mom finally gave in and got me one for my birthday or christmas or something.  but then it chafed my gums and interfered with my orthodontia, so i never wore it.  my mom was super mad.

*i've actually seen the soundstage where they filmed that episode of 'i love lucy' where she stuffs all those chocolates in her mouth.

*i'd love to go on some kind of vacation where i got to tour the homes of all the kids on 'laguna beach.'  (remember that show?!)

*i think it would be awesome for todd to grow his neckbeard out into the shape of a check mark and enter the international beard and moustache competition.

*i once ate seven consecutive hot dogs on a dare, but then the kid who said he'd pay me to do it never followed through.

*i can wear high heels without walking like a zombie bride because i attended a series of ettiquette lessons the summer after my sophomore year of high school.

*i actually really like doing burpees, but i rarely tell anyone that, because they always think i'm being cocky or something.

*the smell of cinnabon makes me queasy.  don't hate.

*i have a scar on my pinky toe from this one time i got my shoe caught in some wire fencing as i was running away from my crazy old neighbor.  no seriously, though.  this chick was crazy.