happy birthday, penelope-girl!

oh, what can i say about this precious girl i've been given?

she is funny and animated.  she has a rich imagination.  she loves to wear princess gowns and wield swords.  when she grows up, she wants to marry her daddy.  she does not have a sweet tooth, and therefore dessert is never a worthwhile motivation to eat dinner (which she never does).  she is obsessed with the potential opportunity to plant flowers.  she wears two or three different pairs of socks over the course of a day.  she's an 'indoors kid.'  she loves the last chapter of 'dangerous journey,' because it chronicles the wife's journey, and she automatically aligns herself with anything about girls.  she is usually dressed up as 'little david' to some degree.  she and atticus are still total besties, but i've seen her develop this really sweet, playful relationship with finneas lately as well.  she's always looking for ways to help and serve.

she is our 'sissy.'  she makes our days joyful.  she is our wonderful, precious, irreplaceable girlie, and we are so much better because she's with us.

happy birthday, penelope!


Emily said...

I posted a Happy Birthday to Penelope on Todd's blog thinking it was your blog. Ha!

YAYA said...

Happy Birthday, Girlfiend! Yaya Loves you!

the jersk. said...

happy birthday to one of the cutest li'l ladies around! i hope our nugget comes out something like her. (unless it's a boy. but even then i'm sure i'd be happy.)

todd said...

i love my little girlie. she reminds me of my beautiful wife.