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previously this week, on 'the minivan voorsts':

1.  finneas fell and busted his lip open, and was bleeding everywhere.  and if you remember anything about penelope at all, you might remember she passes out at the sight of blood.  so finn was crying and bleeding, and then penelope started screaming and grabbing at her head before going fully unconscious.  it was pure chaos for about five minutes in the van voorst house.  (this is the fourth time she's done this, so it seems to be a pretty established pattern.)

2. a good friend came and visited from the ames area on tuesday and we talked about gardening, and episodes of 'friends,' and books, and those awkward/horrible moments when your kid fibs to strangers that you're the cause of their various injuries.  also, she gets major bonus points for also having a son named atticus.  (we refer to them as 'my atticus' and 'your atticus,'  as well as 'our atticus' and 'the other atticus.'  i have to say, i never anticipated this being an issue when we named him.)  it was indescribably refreshing.

3. i came downstairs yesterday morning to find that penelope had gotten finneas dressed for the day:

luckily, that partially-healed black eye and the fat lip really toughen up the look.

happy weekend!

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todd said...

The dichotomy that is Finneas is amazing!

So sweet, so tough.
So pink, so rough.