'what's up' weekly.

on saturday, i was headed to the wedding of a friend, and decided five minutes before i left that penelope would make an awesome date.  so i got her up from nap, quickly dug out last year's easter dress, and made her do a superhero-speed costume change.  she looked downright dashing in the vintage wool coat and hat my mom passed down from her own childhood.

on sunday, todd got another opportunity to preach at that church in shellsburg; and at candeo that night, he got affirmed as one of our five elders.  you can start calling him Elder Van Voorst.  he has requested the gift of the elder wand.  so, if anyone wants to obtain that for him somehow, that would be awesome.  kaythankssss.

monday wasn't no big thang.  just cleaning day, as usual.

tuesday morning, penelope came down with the flu.  poor lady was out for the count.  for a while, i had thought finneas may have come down with it as well, since i got out of the shower to discover he smelled like barf and his nose was bleeding.  i figured out the nosebleed was from a fall off the piano bench, but i'm still not sure where the smell came from.  but as 90% of my time as a mother has been spent trying to identify the origin of various offensive odors, i'm not going to spend too much time trying to figure it out.  he's fine, which is what counts, right?

wednesday, the kids and i trucked ourselves down to lowe's, since the weather was nice and penelope was feeling better and the planets aligned and i had exactly three bananas on hand to use as bribes in the store if things got dire. man, i love spring, where there's all this promise of an awesome garden, before the japanese beetles and the squash borers and the defunct soil make me realize that i am not cut out to be a gardener.  but i sure do love april and may, when i can still pretend.  (i would really, really, really love to one day be a gardener.  like, one that grows stuff successfully.  #aimforthemoonevenifyoumissyoulllandamongthestars #pithygardener)

thursday involved hand-turning the poop into the garden.  (i just realized that i deleted a previous paragraph talking about the manure i bought at lowe's.  probably would have been helpful for context's sake.)  also, finneas woke up with a black eye.  i really have no idea where that came from.

in laurelai news, she's coming around to baby food, as long as she's being cuddled while she eats.  what a funny lady.  and she's getting closer to mobility: she's figuring out how to lift her arm while up on all fours.  (to get anywhere at this point, she basically inchworms it - up on all fours, scooch the legs really far forward, drop down on the belly, repeat.  the problem with this method is that i've started putting her in 3-6 month clothes occasionally, which are still way giant on her, so she pulls her legs up inside her jammies and gets all legbound and cries like a baby.)

you can kind of see here how her knees are in the tummy part of her jammies and the pantlegs are just kind of trailing along behind, all sad and empty, like the wicked witch of the east's tights after her legs shrivel up.

anyway.  there's our week for you, involving tons of bodily fluids and bad smells and also animal poop.  you're welcome.

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