monday, one-day.

"monday, one-day; tuesday, two days; wednesday, when? what?; thursday, the THIRD DAY."

(anybody want a peanut?  for some fun [monday, fun-day], i'll give 2 kudos to the person who identifies the quote.)

look how much she's grown since fetus-hood!

penelope is 11 days old today.  we've been through a lot together over the last week and a half:

...i have bragged about what a great sleeper she is, and cried because i believe she never sleeps.

...she has used up a half a bottle of shout, a whole box of wipes, and goes through an average of 12 diapers a day.  i'm not exaggerating.

...we celebrated mother's day in pella for tulip time.  more on that later.

...she is filling out. i can already tell she's gaining weight! that the 'just-been-born' swelling has gone down, she looks nothing like atticus.  at all.

...she still hasn't flipped her days and nights yet.  oh well, sleep is for chumps.

...she has already slept through more noise than atticus has experienced during sleeping hours over the course of his whole 18 months.

...she has been to pella, hobby lobby, walmart, old chicago, and various garage sales, as well as accomplished an entire shopping trip.  she's a girl-about-town.

as for atticus, his vocabulary and capabilities have EXPLODED over the last couple of weeks.  things he has learned recently:

~how to say "oink," "woof," "meow," "neigh," "baa-baa," and "quack." granted, most of them don't actually contain any consonants, so you have to be adept at interpretation, but it's definitely a step!

~how to say "thank you," "baby," and maybe "sister."  after learning how to verbalize "thank you," he has also started using the sign...better late than never.

~he not only closes doors, but he can now open them.  fantastic.

~he gives hugs...and is learning about kisses, although they're basically just hugs.

~he can help burp and change penelope, and take diapers to daddy for him to throw away.

~he can sing "rock and roll"

...maybe there's more, but that's all i can think of right now.  how is he suddenly so big?!  he's not my little baby's really kind of sad.  not that i'm not glad to see him grow, but seeing him next to penelope really just highlights the fact that he's a TODDLER, not a baby.  oh man.


Anonymous said...

My first guess was Black Eyed Peas lyrics... then I was leaning towards a line from The Jerk... then I decided I'd rather just read the rest of the post :-)

I remember that feeling of Maddy seeming so "old" when we brought Max home. I'd like to tell you more on that sometime... in person :-)

apotratz said...

Joey on FRIENDS! He's trying to remind Chandler what day to get him an audition! I watch FRIENDS all the time-have all the seasons and I'm actually watching an episode right now! HA!