in case you were wondering...

...,"whatever happened with atticus' urine?" today is your lucky day.  i'm about to tell you.


they found nothing wrong in the urinalysis and nothing wrong at the ER.

since saturday's trip to the hospital, atticus had still been screaming and crying every time he had to go to the bathroom, and was holding it for HOURS on end. (i didn't know a 17-month-old could do that.)  we tried using a potty chair, having him pee in the bathtub, giving him LOTS of water and some ibuprofen, but he was still in so much pain. 

however, he's feeling a lot better now, and didn't wake up crying last night at all, which was the first night since we'd been home. (it has made for a long week with little sleep to have both of them up during the night!)  we think we've determined that the pain from peeing was just from inflammation from the catheter.

we still have no idea why his pee smelled like paint thinner.

so there you have it.  inquiring minds want to know.


whenjeskasparks said...

ha. good to know.

my word verification is pethro.
i'm pronouncing it "pee-thro" to honor atticus.
so.. pee + jethro = pethro?

Anonymous said...

I was reading something about ketones in your urine and they said it makes it smell just like paint thinner.