and in atticus' news...

poor kid.  atticus hasn't gotten much individual time here on the blog lately.  so he thought he'd make life extra eventful in order to earn some screen-time.

tuesday morning he woke up with a diaper that smelled like paint thinner had been poured into it.  it was so freaky - i took it off him and the smell was so strong my eyes burned and my throat closed.  it was like he had peed out cleaner.  then he was perfectly fine and didn't have another one like that until thursday morning.

yes, the same thursday morning during which i was going into labor. cool.

so i called the pediatrician's office, thinking that labor seemed to be progressing slowly enough that if they could get us in relatively early, it might end up working out.  but the nurse didn't seem to be worried about it ("it's totally normal for urine to smell extra-strong in the morning."  oh really?! oh man...i guess i am just a complete idiot and this has nothing to do with the fact that it smells like my baby peed out nail polish remover.  but whatever.)

however, all that being said, we did end up deciding to take him to the doctor's office...but we waited until yesterday (friday) and todd and his dad walked atticus right next door to the clinic.  the doctor wanted to take a urine they inserted a catheter and rooted around for a really long time, but atticus had nothing to give them (besides a MAJOR earful, understandably).  so as not to disrespect my son's modesty, we'll just say they ended up trying another method.

then by today, atticus had occasional fits where he would be fine one second, just playing and laughing, then the next second be doubled over in pain, screaming, with his little right leg all stiff.  by this afternoon, it was happening as frequently as every 5-10 minutes until it became constant screaming and writhing, even after giving him ibuprofen.  we called first nurse...was it constipation? irritation from the catheter?  a pulled muscle from having to hold him down to put the catheter in?  appendicitis?

we finally decided to take him to the emergency room, and it broke my heart to see him go.  because penelope needed me here, todd took atticus and i wasn't able to go...i know 'baby's first ER visit' isn't something you find in most baby books, it was still a big milestone and i was having to miss it.  (even as i type this, they're still gone.)

todd called from the car to say...atticus was totally fine.  clapping, singing, babbling in the backseat.  then he called from the ER waiting room.  atticus was running around, climbing on things, getting into everything, and in a perfect mood.  the doctor found nothing wrong with him and he's free to go.

also, his urine sample from yesterday came back completely normal.  in case you had any doubts.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... sounds like him and Max may have a lot in common... :-)