atticus meeting penelope: as time goes by

atticus' first encounter with the little sis:

atticus has since warmed up to her:

"his" baby

helping to burp her

he also said 'baby' for the first time when he saw her at the hospital! it was so cute!  since coming home, he's stopped pointing at my belly (or really, mostly his belly) when you ask him where penelope is - he understands that the baby is penelope! (i figured he just thought that 'penelope' meant 'belly')


whenjeskasparks said...

aw. we can't watch the video. it's "private". saaad.

apotratz said...

I tried to watch the video too, but I love your updates and Penelope is SO CUTE! Makes me anxious to meet my little one! Question-what clinic does M. Jorgenson-the chiro-work for? I'm trying to find the number so I can make an appointment! THANKS!

lauren said...

how is it that you and todd were blessed with the two most precious children in the world?! I like your family so much!