tiptoe through the tulips with the v v's. (or, how i'm pretty racist now.)

for mother's day we hit up the tulip time festival in pella.  having never been to pella, and being fresh-dutch, i was enthralled.  give me some pella bologna for energy and a head covering for just-rolled-out-of-holland style, and i'd sweep those streets cleaner than the lazy non-dutch could ever sweep them.  (not only am i now dutch, but i'm highly intolerant of the non-dutch.  if you ain't dutch, you ain't much.)


i found myself excitedly talking about how i love dutch culture (or really, pella-dutch culture which, though i don't have extensive experience with the netherlands, i'm sure is basically the same thing).  todd responded, "yeah, i guess the dutch are kind of interesting.  i mean, we hid the jews from the nazis...wooden shoes...legalized euthanasia."

we ate some authentic pork chops on a stick (just like oma used to make) and wandered around for a while.  i wanted to take a tour of the historical village and the windmill but having just given birth ten days prior, i was a tad sore and decided we should come back at a later date for the tour.  plus, they have a ton of cute-looking antiques stores and things that will probably be fun to check out when there aren't a million dutch people roaming the streets.  instead, we bought some stroopwafels and watched a bit of the parade, which included a band of scottish bagpipers... whom i boo'ed and told to go home (under my breath) while todd said they should lose the dresses and come back.  even without the dresses, they still spin their drum mallots around in a pretty pansy kind of way, so i just say leave the scots to scotland.

you probably can't see it, but in addition to stroopwafels, this stand also advertised its 'spicy chicken sandwich.'  however the word 's-p-i-c-y' was pronounced 'dutch.'  i like that.  and i liked stroopwafels.  (as did atticus, if you can't tell.)

and did i mention it was FREEZING COLD?  atticus was all bundled up in the stroller, and i wore penelope in my moby wrap inside my coat.  (i got A LOT of weird looks from people - is that bulge under her coat her boobs? a preggo belly? i just can't figure it out!)  adults were kind enough to look away and pretend not to notice.  kids stared at me unashamedly.  and teenagers seemed to be mad about it.
by the afternoon, we were all really tired but we had so much fun! (i mean, prettig.)  i'm so glad for my dutch family (both nuclear and global).


whenjeskasparks said...

hahaha. you're like a kangaroo!
which means penelope is a joey.
which means you should keep her far away from dawson and any creeks thereof.

YAYA said...

Funny how the "Stroopwafels" sign also offers "Pella Bologna on a Stick." I thought it was only the Americans that put everything on a stick. My guess... the Dutch started it!

Amy said...

I love this, Paige! That's awesome that you guys made it Tulip Time! I was there Fri-Sat. And yes, FRRREEEEZING!! Still a fun time, though! I had a couple samples of Stroopwafel- YUM!!!! and got a plate of poffertjes- also YUM! :)
I had an idea about one of your last blogs- the one about Atticus' urine... instead of saying "it's your lucky day" you shoulda said "URINE luck!"
(PS- that reminds me of the Friends where Chandler says, "Do you suppose there's a town in Missouri or something called Sample? Then as you drive into the town there's a sign that says "You're in Sample"?) hahaha! :)