so, we've entered the third leg of the triathlon known as pregnancy. i could not be more excited. our little guy is coming soon! also, i could not be more afraid that i'm totally not ready for this. our little guy is coming so soon...

thursday was our first day back to school, and all the kids have been full of questions about the baby, since i'm showing now. "are you having a baby?" "is it a boy or a girl?" "when is his birthday?" "what is his name?" "does he wrestle inside your tummy? what does it feel like?"

my favorite was, "you're going to name him atticus? did you think of the name dustin?" to which i replied, "i hadn't thought of that name. when you get married and have a baby, is that what you want to name your baby?" "yeah, dustin. or bill."


at the end of the day on thursday, sarah* was like, "bye mrs. paiges. have fun having your baby." i was like, "uh, well, he's not coming until like thanksgiving so i'm sure i'll see you before then." she looked really confused. not sure she understands that pregnancy takes a while... last year, the day after she found out i was pregnant, she ran into our room and was like, "mrs. paiges, did your baby come out yet?" kids are too funny.

other than pregnancy-related conversations, school has actually been going pretty well. we're off to a good start, and i think the next couple months will go relatively smoothly. thanks to those of you who have been praying!

todd should (hopefully) be hearing about a job he applied for by thursday, so if you could keep that in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it! i'm not sure if either one of us has written about it yet, but it's a case manager position with the county, so he'd be doing a job related to what he does at mainstream, but with government benefits. plus it's in ames (it's been difficult to find jobs that aren't in des moines), so it really seems like a perfect fit. hopefully we'll hear something by thursday...

oh, on a random note, i took a picture of the inside of our fridge this week because it's looking particularly well-stocked on the dairy group... not sure how we ended up with this much milk, but i'm definitely not complaining.

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Anonymous said...

That is a little bit of milk.If you guys had a case of Oreos, you'd be set!