baby -and all around- blues

bleh...i'm feeling blue. school starts in two weeks from today and i am so not ready. then again, just a few days ago i was in tears because i'm tired of being home all the time. (i maintain the tears were the result of fluctuating pregnancy hormones.) so i guess i can't have it both ways. i am looking forward to having more of a daily routine and a reason to be up and showered before 2 pm. i'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of the people i work with. at the same time, though, i think i just have a bad attitude because i'll have a whole new routine to settle into this year, in a new program with new kids, and i'll only be there for a couple months before the baby comes, so it's kind of like, what's the point?

in baby news, pregnancy hormones have been a-raging and i've been a class A grump. i'm uncomfortable (my stupid restless legs are driving me crazy) and hormonal and my face is getting fat. look out when you see me (if you can get away without me seeing you, i'd definitely recommend you try), and make sure to ask todd in private how he's handling it all. i'm no fun to be around.

we've been trying to pick out a name for the little bugger, but it's so overwhelming! there are billions of names out there and just one little guy. how will we know that we picked the right name, and that there isn't a better one out there that we just never knew of? what if it doesn't fit his personality? what if we are too indecisive and he's born and still doesn't have a name before we leave the hospital and we have to name him "placenta" or "barb" after the lactation nurse or something, just so we can take him home? baby barb van voorst. classy.

this blog is boring. i'm a grump. i'm going to go eat some potatoes.

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