not neccesarily

my wife exaggerates. yes, she has been a bit grumpy recently and for the most part it has been unprovoked (although i'm sure i provide ample material at times), but nevertheless, she still has her endearing qualities about her which i love. she has my baby boy growing inside her. my mind still refuses to organize that into a coherent line of thought. i can say it over and over again, but alas, it remains abstract. the naming process is fun, yet daunting as paige mentioned. imagine how much fun it would have been to be adam. naming all those critters so eloquently and presumably perfectly being as how he had not fallen from such great heights. i want to be original, but classic, cool, but refined, unique, but respectable, meaningful, yet aesthetic. it's being a little bit of both that provides such theatre i believe. if it were a matter of mere vanity, we could easily pick a cool or trendy name ( if it were a matter of mere symbolic aesthetic, we could easily find a hebrew name with wicked cool sentiment (and by wicked, i mean "cool," not the musical, the devil, or any other evil concoction) like ariel (lion of God), uriel (light of God), jarah (God is my sweetness) etc... however, ours is a polyblend of the two, no wonder God was opposed to this practice amongst His people!!! it causes confusion! anywho, we'll nail one down and the lil' guy will survive.

in related news, i recently was reminded of Revelation 2:17 and Revelation 3:12 which seem to indicate if our lil' guy loves the LORD with all his soul, mind, heart, and strength he will receive a new name, one prepared for him long before we labored over his earthly one, which is his real name, the name that has always belonged to him, the reborn, the new, the completed in Christ name that will survive all eternity. that is my ultimate prayer for our lil' guy, that he would grow up to know the LORD and be changed by Him and walk with Him all his days, through many dangers, toils, and snares, in delight, joy, and all sweetness. isn't it cool that those of us whom have been called have secret names? i think it's cool. i'm excited to find out what my name is. i will finally know who i am and i will find it in Him, face-to-face, not like in this mirror i currently look. i will see Him and in so doing, will for the first time see me.

my wife is a jewel. she doesn't know it. good thing, i suspect she could get hard to live with if she even remotely bought into the hype. but then again, most of us would. so here's to love that sees beyond the seen's sense of doubt and a love that believes in the loved though they disbelieve themself.

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Hello again Team Van Voorst. Great to catch up with you today! Crazy timing on that one! I deleted our old blog and started fresh...