life updates.

i went shopping today, and seriously, the best shopping day of my life.

first, we went to this AWESOME "architectural salvage" store in des moines called found things - it was basically really nice/kitchy home decorating stuff, a lot of it antique, for really reasonable prices!! we have a junk store across the street from our apartment, but this place was way nicer and way cheaper...PLUS the lady who owned it was from washington, iowa, and knows my grandpa's family. small world. or, small iowa. the store made me itchy to get a house just so i could decorate, when we get a house, i know where i'm going.

then we hit up jordan creek, where i got a pair of jeans and three shirts for 45 bucks. thrifty! it's almost a weird adrenaline rush i get whenever i'm able to get stuff for cheap. also, todd gave me a bath and bodyworks gift card for our anniversary (amongst many, many other things he spoiled me with) and between two coupons and a major sale, i got 2.5 times as much stuff as i should have for the same was pretty much amazing. i love cheap stuff! the only thing i love better than cheap stuff is free stuff. (thanks, laura, for the awesome tip on hitting up walmart for free samples!)

okay, in obviously more important news, TODD AND I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR OVER A YEAR!!!!!!!! we're pretty much pros at it now, from what i can tell.

sunday was our actual anniversary, so we opened gifts together before we went to the connection group leaders meeting. or, rather, todd opened GIFT which left me to open GIFTS by myself... it made me feel silly to have only gotten him one thing as i was sitting amongst a huge pile of stuff he got me, but he was really reassuring that he liked the gift i got him and that it was the one thing he really wanted, so that made me feel better.

then on monday, we ate a really nice dinner together, and had some of the cake we had frozen from the wedding - it was actually really good! (there's something kind of weird right at first about eating year-old cake, even if it's been frozen the whole time.)

in all, it was such a fun time getting to celebrate together and think about the last year of being married. to be honest, the thing that struck me most is how much FUN marriage has been. before we got married, i got a lot of advice about how marriage is work and it's not always easy and it's to make you holy not happy, etc. which is all 100% true...but i don't think anyone stressed enough just how much FUN it can be! i love spending time with todd and getting to know him better, and i love learning new things from him and establishing "our" life as opposed to "my" life. i'm just so excited to see how the rest of our life pans out, and i think this has been a great jumping off point because i KNOW that there are going to be some really difficult or even traumatic times up ahead (because, seriously, this is real life, not leave it to beaver) but i'm not worried about them. this year has really given me a sense of security in our relationship.

okay, i'll stop mistaking blogger for a conduit for love letters, but really, all i'm saying is that i'm in love with my husband. that's all.

in less mushy, equally husbandy news, todd has put in an application for a job that he's really hoping to get. in the simplest terms, it's basically a promotion from what he's doing now, just at the county level rather than just within his company. so he would be in more of a supervisory capacity, but still working with clients with disabilities. plus, it more than meets our basic salary needs, and in a roundabout way meets our insurance needs, too. plus it's right here in ames so he wouldn't have to drive all the way to des moines, AND (my favorite part) it seems like a pretty standard 9-5 job - no overnights/crazy hours!! so, basically, it sounds like the perfect job for him. we're just waiting to hear whether he'll get an interview...and holding our breath the whole time! if you could be praying that they offer him at least an interview at this point, and then later on offer him the job, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

that's it for a few minutes...this blog is too long already, but we have an exciting announcement that i'll be posting on a hardly-subsequent blog!

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Anastasia said...

We had the same response after our first year of marriage--where was all the hard work people talk about all the time? We figured it was b/c we had worked through tons of issues before we got married, and we have pretty similar dispositions in a lot of ways. (I also think Alex's refusal to fight helps a lot!) Things have come up since then that haven't been easy, but they do when you're single, too. Hmm.