and...we're back.

back to feeling normal. no longer a grump!!!

welp, we're sailing smoothly along through week 25 of being knocked up. holy cow, it's so crazy to think that in like two and a half weeks, i'll be in the third trimester already! not that i mind. i'm ready to meet the kid. if it weren't for all the developmental issues and whatnot, i'd say bring him today. not sure where he'd sleep or what i'd use as makeshift diapers, but those are just minute issues, right? (and, now that i think about it, i think i need a little longer to prepare....yikes.)

our house is feeling more and more cramped, and we don't even have the kid or any of his actual furniture yet. but it's feeling cramped in a good way - people have been so incredibly generous in giving us stuff that we almost don't have room for it all! definitely not a complaint. however, i've just kind of dumped most of it in the guest room, since i don't have any other place for it, and it's kind of looking like some kind of willy wonka storage shed. it's making me a little crazy, so hopefully i can spend some time this afternoon reorganizing.

this weekend we went to todd's parents to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary and todd's dad's 70th birthday. it was nice - we pretty much just hung out the whole weekend, didn't do too much, which is my kind of weekend!! todd's mom told me about all the funny little things todd's nephew has been up to (he's 19 months now and just a BALL OF ENERGY!!!) and todd's dad told me about his annual adventures rounding up buffalo in nebraska. :) it was actually really interesting! plus, the four hour car ride each way was kind of fun - todd and i typically don't spend that much time sitting and talking. (which is a good thing in and of itself - we'd either get nothing else done, or we'd get super sick of each other if we spent four hours daily just sitting around talking.)

todd's family was super generous and gave us a bunch of baby stuff that had belonged to todd's nephew. first, todd's mom brought down this big sack of clothes and shoes that had belonged to david that he grew out of and there was so much stuff in there! little onesies and bibs and overalls and tiny cowboy boots (which our kid won't ever wear, but were funny anyway) and little hats. it was like christmas. THEN todd's brother showed up with more of david's stuff, apologizing that he didn't bring it all but "this is all would fit in the car." he gave us a play mat, a HUGE box of clothes and coats and shoes, a little walker, a bathtub seat, a highchair that hooks to the was ridiculous. plus, half the clothes still had tags on them or showed absolutely no sign of ever being worn. it was really exciting and so nice of everyone that they were all so generous!!!

so i spent yesterday washing and folding and sorting tons of tiny tiny clothes. seriously, our kid is set until he's like a year old. the 0-3 month clothes alone fill an entire laundry basket. the rest i sorted by size and put away in a box, since we won't be needing those quite so soon.

wow, i know i've been going on and on about this stuff, but i'm just blown away (and really, really humbled) by how giving people have been. it's so exciting to see how many people around us we have that love us and are so generous with what they have. apparently, our little guy is well-loved already, and that's just so exciting!!!

todd and the little bugger played tag last night. the little dude would kick todd, then todd would poke him back and say, "you're it." then a couple seconds later, he'd kick todd went on for quite a few minutes and was so funny! i've started to be able to feel his hands move more, not just his feet. it's so weird to think there's a little guy in there... i want to see him so badly!! i want to see what he looks like and get to hold him and everything. mostly, more than anything, i just want to see how much hair he has and what color it is. i know that sounds really stupid, but that's probably what i'm the most preoccupied with :). todd and i are both hoping to be able to fauxhawk his hair, because seriously, how hilarious would that be? so here's to hoping he's not entirely bald, at least for too long. (my college roommate was entirely bald until she was three. her mom had to tape bows to her head so that people would know she was a girl.)

so, in other news, our anniversary is coming up on sunday! can you even believe it!!!?!?! we've been married for a year already... doesn't even feel real. i'm planning a special meal and i got todd a present, both of which i'll tell more about later, since todd reads these blogs...

anyway, that's pretty much it. i'm going to work on cleaning up the chocolate factory.

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Anonymous said...

Our "little" guy was born 9lb 12 oz and is already over 20 lbs at 5 months so we have quite a bit of stuff that was gently worn or not worn at all. I'm sure you probably have a truckload of stuff right now but after "he" arrives and you have a better idea of what you need we'd be glad to go through our inventory and see if we could help you out.