roll out those crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer...

so todd has officially graduated and i am married to a college man. or, a diploma man. can't say i don't want to brag a little bit.

during the ceremony, after lauren and i counted all the chairs for the graduates, judged a guy in uniform for the sport of it, and haughtily disdained a very confused professor who apparently couldn't count to eight, she leaned over and whispered, "i don't really know anyone who's graduated from college other than todd. i mean, seriously." quite true, now that i think about it. apparently they're harder to come by than we might think. which was only further evidenced by the fact that, of the 640 chairs set out for the graduates, only a roughly estimated 3/5 were filled, and of the 32 chairs set up on stage for professors in fruity outfits, only about 20 were filled. that's a statistically interesting bit of information.

(maybe one of those empty seats was reserved for Can't Count, but he couldn't find his way to the stage or something. they must've had a sale on Ph.D.'s the day he got his.)

in other news, i believe i'm pulling through the first trimester FINALLY. i haven't puked in days, and while this kid has yet to tell me where it hid those 14 pounds i'm suddenly missing, i'm feeling much better! although, when you're pregnant, it apparently makes everyone around you think that you want to hear their most horrifying, gruesome, unbelievable, and in any other scenario completely inappriopriate stories. after a woman at work so lovingly shared the story of the time she got pregnant, miscarried, and had a historectomy as a result, i started to get a little uneasy about miscarriage.

so what did i decide to do? what any uneasy person with relatively little information on a given topic SHOULD do: go online and do a google search! so, today's biggest problem is that i think i've miscarried. not because of any symptoms i have, of course, but because of scary lady and scary website.

word to the wise: keep any stories about situations that you wouldn't wish on your best friend to yourself. pretend childbirth is like a stroll through a meadow on a june day. there are no such things as "involuntary cesareans," "miscarriages," "premature labor," "pushing a watermelon-sized baby through your vagina," etc. in a june meadow. there is singing. and laughter. and all the birds flying around you and singing harmony and braiding your hair. that is what i believe childbirth will be like.

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