the end of an era

well friends and family -- tonight i have the privilege of wrapping a nice little bow on top of this madness called college. that's right, i get to walk across the stage and receive my fake diploma and handshake (the handshake ironically may be equally as disingenuine as the diploma), only to receive my real accreditation via snail mail weeks later after the final votes have been tallied. i hope america voted to keep me on for another week, it's "neil diamond" week and i just know my version of "forever in blue jeans" will knock yer socks off! i have my parents to thank for the ambition to finish this degree now 11 years in the making, give or take a few. i have my God to thank for the ability to achieve the success i have.

i really do pray these degrees (sociology and psychology/criminal justice studies) give me the opportunity to provide for my family. either way, school's out forever! praise the LORD, i never thought the day would actually arrive.

in other news, paige keeps losing weight (mind you this is an interesting strategy of child development), so keep that in your prayers if you know our Father.

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