You and Me and the Baby Make Three Tonight....

So, as you've probably heard, we're expecting to pop out a kid in about 28 weeks, give or take some time. (And if you haven't heard, it's probably because you live in a hole. Get out and live a little. Read the paper. Go through the drive through. Hear about our kid.)

We're pretty excited. What could be better than a version of the two of us smpooshed into one tiny, smelly, dripping package? And what could be better than toting it around for 9 months in my previously unlived-in uterus? As I said, we're very excited.

So, as an official announcement for you hole-dwellers, the shetland (whom we've dubbed Reptar) is expected to land somewhere between November 30 (so says the doctor) and December 6 (so says the mama). Tomorrow I will be starting my 11th week, so we're almost done with the first trimester. Our kid at this point (not accounting for our usual luck) should look like a real person, with a tiny face and hands and feet and a too-huge-for-its-body head (it gets that from me). It no longer has a tail. Its hands are no longer ping pong paddles and its eyes are no longer considered "buds." We have on our hands (or, more literally, in my uterus) a real, tiny, shetland person. Again, that's not taking into account my tendency for oddity.

Who knows? Our kid could come out looking like the dog on Harry Potter. We'd still love it. We'd have to put it in charge of the gates of the underworld, of course, but that's just par for the course when a human births a three-headed CGI dog.

Anyway, we just thought we'd make an announcement and start a family blog. And having a baby gave us a good excuse to do both. So we figured, what the heck.

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todd said...

memory lane.

your sense of humor has not changed.

but your uterus is now lived in.

i wonder if the new baby left the posters the previous tenants put up?