more baby's all i think about

so...i'm a college graduate. i'm now officially a good catch. a trophy wife, if you will. as evidenced in the picture at right.

yesterday, i finally decided to further investigate what appeared to be a rotting pile of noodles topped with a bottle cap in our parking lot. lo and behold, it was not noodles, but rather my tassle, looking rather bewildered and orphaned after sitting around in the muddy, rainy parking lot for almost a week. it had been run over and hope for recovery was dim. however, my wonderful, loving husband spent time at work today washing it and untangling it and it looks like its old, cheerful, citron self.

on a similar note, our kid must be a freaking genius, having already walked in a college graduation ceremony whilst in utero. i bet it'll be born with a pair of spectacles and a severe case of near-sightedness. and an allergy to sunlight.

i'm very excited - i'm going garage-saling with marnie tomorrow to get some reptarwear. while my kid may be a genius, it will by no means be too good for 10-cent onesies. i wish you could dress fetuses...think how cute little dockers would be for a tiny softball-sized human. although, it might be kind of awkward trying to actually dress the little fella...

as a final fyi: as little reptar has had his mean-spirited way with my skin, i have a feeling i will post very few "during pregnancy/pre-accutane" photos. blech.

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