there's not really a whole lot to tell.

the kid is looking more and more like a beer gut, and less and less like a normal body and not at all like a pregger body yet. watch, i'll find out that i haven't really been pregnant, i've just had really bad gas for the last three and a half months.

further, i graduate this weekend, and as a good senior should, i have my cap and gown and have procrastinated on my last undergrad assignment. it was due april 11. still not done. you do the math.

finally, i'm waiting to hear that david archuleta won american idol, if only to see an autistic kid have a meltdown tomorrow. he wants to take a helicopter ride with david cook. which will probably be an unlikelihood if only because andrew* would be too scared to take a helicopter ride and not because david cook wouldn't be available. if he's anything like katherine mcphee, i foresee plenty of free time in his first-runner-up schedule very soon.

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