how blogging from starbucks makes other people want to kill themselves.

so the other night i was typing away on my laptop at starbucks when the overly-friendly barista (is he still a 'barista' when he's a guy, or is he a 'baristo'?  and does it make a difference if he's super effeminate?  maybe he's still a 'barista'?  'barista' it is.)  was all, 'whatcha workin' on? a final paper?'

which was, at first, flattering, because it made me feel like he thought i was young enough to be a university student.  then i felt embarrassed because he thought i was a very pregnant-looking university student, which is always cause for a little pity, at least at first, i'm guessing.  but then i was even more embarrassed when i had to admit that no, i'm not a pregnant student, just a pathetic pregnant blogger who makes no money blogging and without home access to the internet.

so i was all, 'no, just writing a blog.'

and he was all, 'oh...blogging... that mean, what's that like?'

and i was all, 'oh, you know, it's basically just really narcissistic because you feel like the world ought to hear everything you have to say, even if it's only a run-down of how you personally make fried chicken.'

and he was all, 'yeah... i knew a girl once who blogged about taking a vow of silence.'

and i was all, 'that doesn't make any sense.'

and he didn't get it.  he was all, 'no, i think she liked doing it... but i do wonder what people will think when they look back on all the blogs that were around.'  (apparently Barista has insider knowledge that blogging is already last-season.)

and i was all, 'people will probably be just as annoyed then as they are now that everyone and their mom has an opinion that just has to be aired.'

and he was all, ''  then he started talking into his headset like someone had gone through the drive through, though i was sitting right next to the window and could see no one was out there.

and the moral of the story?  the world of blogging is nebulous to hip-and-with-it college-age baristas.  also, i have no social skills and apparently my self-deprecation makes people want to die when i talk to them.  noted.


Janie said...

a blog about taking a vow of silence - paige, you crack me up!!!! i need to start blogging - i'd be like, man i gotta tell you about this thing i saw hanging on the hook, oh, look, it's a chicken and then,.... especially when the add meds wear off, actually could be quite interesting - maybe i could undo her vow of silence! turn it into a blog of blab

todd said...

journaling = respected
keeping a diary = understood
tweeting = commonplace
blogging = ???

The Crislers said...

Self-deprecation is my love language. Never, ever stop.