what's up weekly: 'extra wordy' edition, to make up for my truancy this week.

So, apparently the week got away from me.  As did last week.  And the week before that.  I've been a terrible excuse for a mom blogger lately.  Although, in my defense, it's been because my actual "mom" responsibilities have gotten in the way, and I'm okay with letting the "blogger" side of things kind of fall to the wayside for a bit.  However, my goal is to be a little bit more regular around here next week.

I have spent so. much. horrible. time. this week sorting out clothing bins for the kids to get their wardrobes ready for the nicer weather.  I seriously hate this part of large family life.  So much laundry, so much confusion, so many lists of stuff we need to go spend money on (which I also hate).  Then, as has been the case this year, finding out the hard way that the kids are between sizes.  I got out the 12-month bin for Rocco, and everything was huge on him.  So I put it all back and got out the 9-month bin, and most things were too small.  So now I have to put most of it back, and get out the first bin yet again.  Atticus is in the same boat with all his clothing, too.  And once all that is finally sorted, I will need to go through the baby stuff and start prepping for that.  And once that is done, I will have a huge shopping trip to make to prepare us for the current sizes and season.  Seriously, a month of my life gets sucked down the 'seasonal clothing' hole twice a year.  Bleh.

So as not to be a total Debbie Downer, I will assert that some good things happened this week, too.  We went to a friend's birthday party.  We celebrated Easter.  MY BEST FRIEND VISITED FROM TENNESSEE, and we actually got to see each other face-to-face for the first time in four years!  It was glorious.  Of course, we forgot to take a single photo, because we're dummies.  So the hope is that she can stop in town again tomorrow before heading back home, and we can snap a few photos then.  In the meantime, here are photos from each of our respective weddings.  You can see that we made elegant brides.

Finneas has been struggling hardcore with seasonal allergies here, which is brand new to me, as I've never, ever experienced anything like that, nor have the other kids.  Todd seemed to have gotten some throat congestion, but it's lifting, so we think it may have been a cold.  But poor Finneas.  His little eyes are all burning and red and swollen, and he's just miserable.

So I spent some time trying to get the yard cleaned up to hopefully help with that, as well as prevent ticks and mosquitos from wanting to chill at our house.  I simultaneously spent some time sunning my sad, sad, white mom legs.  Which you can see clad in my from-eighth-grade-and-still-hanging-on-by-a-thread pajama shorts.  Also, check out the bulging veins in my neck.  I'm a classy broad, friends.

Other than that, we're just trucking along like normal: the FB live chat on church involvement and ministry went well on Monday night!  Tuesday was connection group and a trip up to the Amish.  I've been sticking pretty well to Trim Healthy Mama, and feeling great.  Normal stuff.  It's been a heavy couple of weeks of discipleship meet-ups, but the end of the semester is looming SO SOON, and I'm so looking forward to the slower pace of summer.  (I took a 2.5-hour nap yesterday, just recovering from the pace of the last couple of weeks.) 

What else?  We figured out the automatic timer on our camera, which we all enjoyed a little too much.

Today's agenda holds a blissful 'nothing,' other than normal school.  Fridays are fun: tea time, artist and composer study, nature study and nature journaling.  Fun stuff!  We'll also be grabbing some fast food and meeting Todd for lunch at the gardens/grounds of his office.  Then I'm going to read and read and read some books, and nap and nap and nap, and have Todd pick up dinner on his way home.  It's shaping up to be a pretty restful, needed day!

I'm 31 weeks, the nausea has stopped if I carefully watch what I eat, and my leg hurts.  Pregnancy, amiright?

And finally, here's Rocco in his favorite boat, to play you into the weekend with his cuteness:


todd said...

those neck veins are quite menacing. don't mess with the preggo with the rake. which is just good advice across the board.

the jersk. said...

i can't believe we didn't get pics. especially since we both keep getting better looking, amirite? let's just go extra hipster and say we had an intentional, unplugged hang out. AND IT WAS AWESOME.