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Sorry I haven't been around much this week - it got surprisingly full, surprisingly quickly.  It's crazy how the week can start with Todd being like, "Anything out of the ordinary on the schedule this week?" and me being like, "No, not on my calendar," to multiple somethings every day.  It's been a good week, but I'm glad I'm nearing the end.

(As a quick aside, prepare yourself for photos that have little to do with their surrounding paragraphs.  They were just cute, so I needed to include them.)

Saturday was mostly spent resting and reading, which was nice.  Sunday was pretty typical, though we did have some friends stop by for a bit before dinner.

Monday, I spent the day scrubbing the house down.  It had been weeks since we'd hosted Connection Group, and despite my best efforts, the house was coated in a thin layer of grime... and people were coming Tuesday night.  So I had to get on top of stuff.  We got school done, but the rest of the day was spent cleaning and catching up on laundry and cleaning some more.

Tuesday was also spent cleaning, as everything I did on Monday was basically erased overnight because, duh, we live here and it's nice out so there's constantly dirty little piggies running in and out of the house, touching walls and light switches and shower curtains and sink faucets... Plus, the season of help with Connection Group house prep that I had been given has come to an end, so I was on my own.  So we missed school on Tuesday because I couldn't keep up with everything.  I think we may be nearing the end of our capacity to host here.  I just feel totally incapable of juggling it all.  So Tuesday was a bit defeating, although after CG I got to have a great heart-to-heart with one of my college girls, so it wasn't a total loss.

Wednesday was really full, with our weekly drive to the Amish, an emergency run to Target, two separate one-on-ones with girls from church, and some friends from out of town staying overnight.

Yesterday, we actually got all our schoolwork done (the first time since Monday!), and I met with another gal. 

Also, I hit the big 3-0 this week.  I'm starting to panic a bit about giving birth.  I realize I'm still months out, but the single-digit weekly countdown is getting close, and I'm realizing how quickly this is all going.  I'm pretty suspicious of the medical atmosphere here - this town is weird when it comes to that stuff.  Though we have a quality university hospital here, the approaches and attitudes towards medical care are still really, really old-school in a lot of ways.  And labor/delivery is not immune to it.  So I'm nervous, and getting more nervous as time goes on.  I have never found myself more sympathetic to the idea of a home birth than I have been during this pregnancy, though it's still beyond my comfort zone at this point.  But on more than one occasion I've just found myself thinking, "I now get why women want to keep birth as far away from the medical system as possible."  I just don't trust it here.  So.  Be praying for me.  My head is not in a great place about it all right now.

Today, my main objective is getting as caught up on our missed schoolwork as is reasonably possible, though I'm sure we won't get to all of it.  I have such a hard time expecting the kids to cram so much into a single day in order to catch up, when the only reason we're behind is simply because my ministry is so sporadic and, at times, time consuming.  Some weeks, I really feel like I'm able to manage it all, and juggle our daily schedule around so everything gets done, but this week, for various reasons, it just wasn't possible.  So I'm wrapping up the week with a slight feeling of failure and disappointment.

Which is a weird way to tell you that I'm planning another FB Live chat, on the topic of balancing motherhood, church involvement, and ministry.  I clearly do not yet have all the answers or have a perfect system ironed out for balancing it all, as this week has been so kind to remind me, but I figured I can at least share what I've learned and struggled with so far.  So, if this is a topic you've wondered about or are currently struggling with, you should head over to the FB page at 8:00 to talk through some of the realities, advantages, and challenges.

And, last but not least, here's what happens when a mother of many ventures from her watchtower on the couch to sit with a lonely kiddo in the fray down below.  The rest of the kids seem to smell that Mom Is Among Us.  Which is actually really sweet.  And, until they start physically stepping on me and fighting over whose turn it is to sit on my lap, actually tempts me to sit on the floor more often.

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todd said...

I love the photos of you and the kiddos having some floor time!