it's monday, monday, gettin' down on monday.

I honestly really love Mondays - a chance to get back into a normal groove, a chance to look forward to the rest of the week.  It helps that I really love my day job, so that makes Mondays easier, too, but I think on top of that, I'm just wired for Mondays.  Maybe that makes me a pariah.

Today is an especially good Monday - after the rough go of things we had last week, I am more than ready for a fresh start.  The kids seem to all be on the mend or fully healed, knock on wood.  And other than spending the last few days feeling really weak and tired, I don't seem to have caught it.  (I was really worried, since it was such a bad bug, and it made me nervous about what it could complicate with the pregnancy.)  It seems like we may be out of the storm.

So I'm excited to jump into today and this week, with all of its normal, boring day-to-day-ness.


(I dare you to go back through this post and take a shot of espresso every time you read the word 'Monday.'  There are a LOT of them in here.  It will help get your week off to a great, albeit jittery, start if you personally don't foster an inherent love for Mondays.)

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todd said...

say, "Monday," more!!! :)