This summer, Todd and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary, which is mind-blowing to me for many reasons.  I'm all like, "Ten years?!  How has it been ten years already?!  It can't have been that long!"

But our stuff would tell a different story.  You know what I'm talking about.  All the stuff we got as wedding gifts for our new home, that is now showing its age.  Our kitchen towels, for one, are in horrendous shape.  (I had a friend actually gift me some new cute ones... on the condition that I threw the old ones away!  But no mother of five kids can ever feel totally at peace in her soul about throwing away a perfectly good towel, ugly and tattered and stained though it may be, so I secretly kept all the towels.  Shhhh.)

Our mattress cover-thing is also looking ratty and ripped to shreds, since it has always been too small for our mattress to begin with, plus we only had one, so it was always on duty, with only a few hours' wash and dry time to rest at a time.  But again, it still works, so I still make it work.  Though, I will say we did finally invest in a second one.

But saddest of all, by far, is the state of our couch.  "Threadbare" is a literal descriptor.

The rips seem to be getting larger by the minute (and I can't just flip the cushions over, because they look about the same on both sides), and I'd be lying if I told you it hadn't crossed my mind to somehow seal them with shipping tape.  This couch is holey, stained, uncomfortable and basically shapeless at this point.  As much as I've loved it with everything I am (that camel-back!  Those turned arms!), I think it's time to face the inevitable goodbyes we will have to say to each other.  Eventually.  Down the road when adorable replacement couches are free and/or Atticus (followed by Penelope and Finneas) doesn't need braces more than he needs a new couch.

If I didn't harbor an unhealthy love for New Girl in my heart, and therefore know that the tenth anniversary is celebrated with tin, I'd be crossing my fingers that Year Ten would be the year of living room furniture.

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todd said...

we should get a tin couch. seems practical.