W.U.W. (in which i can't stop talking because i haven't blogged in forever. so it's long.)

first off, i just wanted to say thanks for all of your kind words and support and, most of all, prayers after my last blog post.  it's an ongoing thing, and i so, so appreciate you praying for me (and him).  you guys are the best.

this week was great.  we're trying to wrap up another six-week stretch of homeschool, and we stayed pretty on-task, which was great.  one more week and we'll wrap up our first trimester!  so if i can just keep this baby cooking for another week, it'll work out really well with our schedule.  because we all know that's how labor and delivery and newborns work: it's all very contingent on convenience factors.

laurelai has started a new love affair with Pockets.  things are getting pretty serious.

i went to a friend's baby shower on saturday morning, and on saturday night, we got a sitter to watch the kids so we could go on a date.  very few opportunities left to hang out as autonomous adults for a while, so we carpe'd the diem.  and this pregnant lady chose red lobster.  i don't know what it is about pregnancy, but i always want seafood.  never not seafood.  plus, red lobster has gluten free cheesecake.  so, yeah, it was a no-brainer.  and it was glorious.

finneas' hair was getting super long, so todd cut it.  surprisingly, we have a few 'Before' shots, but no 'Afters.'  i'll have to take some and post them next week.

he was not thrilled about having to get his hair cut, so he pulled a napoleon dynamite.  'worst day of my life, waddya think?!'

i went to my 39-week appointment this week, and the very-experienced midwife said she suspects this might be my biggest baby yet from the feels of my stomach.  oh good.  not a shocker, actually, as i've gained more weight with this pregnancy than i ever have before, plus he's a boy (which have both run around a pound heavier than my girls), plus he's a fifth baby and i've heard they supposedly get bigger as you go.  (although, i've also heard they arrive earlier and require less labor-time, and neither generalization seems to hold true for me.  so i just take that stuff with a grain of salt.)  anyway, interested to see if she was right, and kind of hoping she wasn't.

lots of time logged as knights.

on wednesday, i decided on a whim to paint the entryway closet.  because i'm late-pregnant and instead of doing the common-sense-ical thing, like packing my hospital bag (not done yet), i find one of the least-viewed corners of my house to obsess over.  it all started with the stupid pegboard coat rack thing i started last week and spiraled into this 'if you give a mouse a cookie' scenario.  'if you paint a free pegboard with free paint, you have to go out and buy cute supplies to finish it off.  and if you attach the cute supplies and go to hang the thing on the wall, you have to paint the wall so it looks cute.'  because, yes, though mostly unseen, this closet was the exact color of a dirty booger.  one that had been picked from a dirty nose by a kid with dirty hands and then wiped on his dirty jeans.  sad booger walls.  and it just seemed like a waste to hang a freshly painted, navy blue pegboard against a wall that wasn't a fresh coat of grey.

this is the best shot i could get.  not only was it ugly, it was messy.  now it's slightly less ugly, and slightly less messy, which is a less-dramatic improvement than i was hoping for.  i'll post 'Afters' next week, because i also forgot to take them for this project.

oh, also, the pegboard isn't even done and ready to mount yet, so it was really just a paint job for the sake of a paint job.  also, once i got everything put back in there, it really didn't end up looking all that much different from before.  sad trombone.

this one woke up not feeling well one day this week, but it was nothing a little snuggle-time with her daddy couldn't fix.

ANYWAY.  that brings us to today.  todd's parents are coming into town to spend the weekend with us.  both our moms' birthdays are today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMS), and todd's birthday is tomorrow, so it's a weekend custom-made to par-tay.

every year (except last year - whoops), we celebrate todd's birthday with pumpkin painting/carving.  we did it wednesday morning while he was home.  i'll post more on that next week.

and in pregnancy news, i'm still pregnant.  getting anxious about labor and meeting rocco.  i mean, i know this isn't my first rodeo, but every labor is different, and the unknowns are still unnerving.  plus, until i know that he doesn't have two heads or only one arm or a full set of teeth, my imagination kind of runs away with me sometimes.  so i'm excited to meet him just to calm those fears, but i'm not excited to actually go through labor.  (shocker, i know.)  plus, it's just mentally exhausting to not know exactly when it will be - every braxton hicks contraction (and there are a lot of them in a fifth pregnancy, as it turns out) makes me freak a little, like, 'is this it?!'  and i've only ever woken up in labor - i've never had it start in the middle of the day, or at least after i've been awake for a while, - so in some ways, it feels like i'm a first-time mom, checking for exits any time i enter a public place because, 'who knows what it would be like if i just started labor right here?!  what would i even dooooooo?'  anyway, all that to say, i'm just crazy.

and that was our week!  how was yours?


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my week was the same. thanks for asking.

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