no skeletons in here, surprisingly.

seeing as how i have no more exciting news to share at this point, let's tackle the topic of my entryway closet.  i already mentioned how it had been the exact color of a dirty booger.  and i really wasn't lying.  it was also really, really messy.

the weird problem with this closet is that it's GIANT.  like, really, really big.  i've thought about insulating it better and turning it into a play room or nursery.  no lie.  but anyway, i find that the bigger the space, the bigger the mess that accumulates, and it doesn't help that we use the back door almost exclusively, but this closet is at the front of the house.  so stuff gets brought in, then dumped on the kitchen floor, then i yell at everyone to put their crap away, then they dump it in here.  and by that time, they're just tired and don't care as much as they did when they first walked in the door, which was already a minuscule amount of caring to begin with.  and that's the solid excuse behind why this closet was so out of control.

so anyway, you see a huge basket of shoes (top photo), which is a nightmare to dig through every time we want to leave the house, and a bunch of random jackets for different seasons and in different sizes, and some boxes of toys for the little kids' morning independent time, and a box fan for when finneas naps in the entryway (yeah, i'll tell you about that sometime). and our vacuums, etc., etc.  also, todd's dresser, buried there beneath those coats.  our bedroom is too small to house any of our clothing, so we have random clothing storage in random places all over the house.  ideal.  this closet was seriously a bane.

so i decided to do something about the shoes and jackets.  i wanted something the kids could keep organized independently.  i'm still working out the details, but it's basically a pegboard with a space for each of them that includes a top basket for hats and mittens (though currently holding shoes, as you can see), and a kid-height coat hook, and once it's hung, i will put a separate basket on the floor below for each of them to keep their shoes separated.  this is the plan, anyway.

the hot glue holding penelope's "P" in place has already given up the ghost.  not the most optimistic omen for how these efforts will work out.

once i had put together the pegboard, though, it made it really obvious just what terrible shape the closet was in.  so of course, i had to embark on a painting-and-purging rampage.  and it turned out okay, but am i the only one that doesn't really feel like the walls look much different?  

also, if anyone wants to come and change out that light switch for me, it would be much appreciated as it's been nasty-looking and exposed for well over a year, and though i have all the new hardware on hand, i have no plans of rectifying that situation anytime soon.

anyway, there you have it.  if i remember later on, i'll post pictures once the pegboard is hung up and fully completed.  but you know me... that may or may not ever happen.  see: light switch conundrum.  it's apparently just who i am.

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todd said...

that could make a fun little playroom if it were better insulated