rocco is coming sometime soon and i can't pretend otherwise.

well, folks, it's official.  we are counting down the days to my due date within the week.  the kids are getting very excited.

although, i think one of them might have some unique insight into what is coming.

maybe she knows she's about to become a middle child.

i feel so torn about whether or not i'm ready.  i'm SO ready to be done having to haul the preggo belly around, and all the body aches that come with it.  and i'm ready for the mental games to end: every morning when i wake up, and every time i have a braxton hicks contraction, i start thinking, 'is today the day?!'  it's tiring to be constantly mentally at-the-ready.  so, in those ways, i'm ready to be done being pregnant.  but there are also some perks to staying pregnant - i would rather look pregnant than look postpartum; people are way nicer to you when you're pregnant than when you have a newborn (sad, but true); and preparing myself for all of the newborniness is a bit daunting - not sleeping, getting breastmilk all over everything, juggling the baby's sleeping and eating schedules with everyone else's schedules, the loss of independence and routine, the difficulty with body image.  is anyone ever really ready for that?

however, i DID finally get my hospital bag packed last night, and only six days from my due date.  so, i guess that means i'm not in total denial about the imminence of what's coming.  bring it on.  i guess.

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todd said...

just like labor pains coming upon a preggo, so the end of all things with Jesus' return will come. the preggo knows the day is coming, so she stays on guard, she doesnt get much sleep and she orients her hold world around the coming travail, followed by the joy of new life. so we wait for Jesus, knowing full well that the day is coming and coming soon, orienting our lives around His return attended with the wrath of the Lamb ending in glory for those found faithfully in Him.

so there's that.