the weekly what's update.

ahhh, this week.  this week has been...normal, actually.  school got done, chores got done, laurelai's bedroom floor is covered with every single item of clothing she owns and it's my fault.  you know, normal.

okay, first: chores.  the kids are killing it with their clipboard chore system.  i'd been hesitant to really post much about it until i knew whether or not it would 'stick.'  (i have this terrible habit of instituting 'systems' in our house that are way too ambitious, and then dropping them when i am slapped in the face with reality.)  we've been doing this almost every day since we returned from south dakota in july, so i can tell you it actually seems to be a sustainable life choice.  

anyway, it means that every day, my bathroom gets wiped down.  and every day, my rugs get vacuumed.  and each week, the house gets dusted.  not by me, y'all.  this is a downright luxurious life i live, now that i have kids over the age of five.  here's a glimpse of the compost bucket getting dumped, as happens twice a day now.  twice a day.  I LOVE MY LIFE.

also, how old is this girl getting?! i can't even believe it.  this week, she picked up 'the island of the blue dolphins' and started reading it to herself.  SHE IS A TEENAGER YOU GUYS AND I DIDNT GIVE HER PERMISSION TO GROW UP.  well, she's gorgeous and funny and helpful and thoughtful and smart, so i guess i'll let it slide.

in other news, i got a free SAMs club membership this week, since they were running a promotion for 'new and expecting moms.'  well, i'm not exactly a 'new' mom, but i'm definitely an expecting mom, so i figured i'd try my luck.  and it turns out they were cool with the non-newness of my momhood, so i have a free annual membership and a TERRIBLE photo ID to prove it.  (actually, Paige Van has a terrible photo ID to prove it.)  and that, ladies, is how to use a never-ending slew of pregnancies to your advantage.  bam.

also?  this.  four kids in a twin bed and loving every second of it.

and also, this.


preggo-wise, i'm at 36 weeks, and i can now officially say that the baby is due this month.  i'm big.  i'm tired.  this baby is riding so low i can barely walk.  and i'm not ready for it to be over.  so i'm praying time would slow to a crawl for the next month or so.  want to help a girl out and join your prayers with mine?

and because putting on clothes to take this photo was so exhausting and left me so out of breath, this is how i looked thirty seconds after it was taken.

good times.

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todd said...

i also love our life!