weekly what's up.

what can i say about the last couple of weeks?  well, let's start with this:

okay, so, last friday night, a friend had offered to watch the kids so that todd and i could go on a date, but penelope had been running a really low-grade fever all day, so we ended up having to cancel those plans. (i didn't want to pass any random bugs on to my friend's family.)  so todd showed up after work with flowers, ice cream and takeout, and he gave me a foot massage while we watched my movie pick.  (i'm jealous of myself as i even type this.)

it was a good thing i had a little bit of a refresher, because later that night atticus woke up with the flu.  about 15 minutes later, penelope woke up with the flu.  it. was. brutal.  they were sick pretty much constantly until after lunch on saturday, at which point they each took a four hour nap and woke up as fresh as spring daisies.  weird.

sunday morning, we asked a couple of college students who had already seen the christmas production to come watch the kids so that i could go to church to see it. (even though the kids were feeling better, i didn't want to risk spreading anything.)  todd did an awesome job, and the whole production was a blast.

todd is on the far left in both of these photos.

what else about the last few weeks?  our christmas shenanigans have begun.  we busted out some christmas movies...

...did some christmas decrrrrrrating...

...and we got a tree.  oh, yes; the tree.

todd and i had discussed the fact that we'd have to get a smaller tree than we've had in years past, since our ceilings are lower and we don't have as much floor space.  however, we didn't communicate well what we each had in mind regarding a 'smaller' tree.  

we keep a disc from our tree stump each year, and when he brought the following disc in the house (before the tree itself, obviously), i got a little worried overly dramatic.

yes, it is tiny.  it required using shims around the entire circumference to get it to even stand up in the tree stand.

yes, the tree is small.  i've named him tiny tim.  or junior.  or little billy junior.  i can't decide.  something small-sounding.  but, though there were some waterworks, and though i came off looking like an ass over a stupid tree, i think it has actually worked out okay.  it's proportionate to the rest of our house, and it's just the perfect size to display all of the ornaments we've accumulated since getting married/having kids (and not have to be filled with all kinds of weirdo ornaments i made in elementary).

also, the kids built snowmen that appear to be bleeding from the mouth, but i'll tell you about that next week since this post is insanely long already.

(but as a quick side note, december 13 marked the one-year anniversary of us saying 'yes' to moving to cedar falls.  whoa.  a lot has happened in the last year!)

how are your christmas activities coming along?


Heather said...

I want to be there for your Christmas tree hissy-fit. SO funny. (You're laughing in hindsight, right?)

The tree is beautiful - and so is that photo of Penelope decorating it. Wow. Your house looks so warm and bright and welcoming. If I show up on your doorstep asking to come inside, it's your own fault.

Merry Christmas, Van Voorst family! Hoping to connect with you in 2014.

todd said...

We live a full life. If we were a soda, we’d be Van Voorst MAX. Or something like VV-XTREME.

todd said...

I also love that a skeleton full of flora is presiding over our Christmas tree rather majestically.