weekly 'what's up'

we spent thanksgiving at my mom's, with my parents, my sister and my grandma.  todd and i stayed overnight at a hotel, since beds were pretty full-up at the house.  it was just todd, me and laurelai.  and also duck dynasty.  it was like an awesome, relaxing honeymoon.  (except, on our actual honeymoon, instead of watching duck dynasty, we watched plenty of E!news coverage of britney spears' unfolding meltdown.  also, there was not a tiny infant in the room at the time.  just to clarify.)

on a halfway related note, i think i'm having a minor mental breakdown.  (all this 'trying to be exactly like britney spears all the time' nonsense is starting to take a turn for the ugly.  no shaved heads yet, but we'll have to see how everything unfolds.)  just keeping it real here, people.  this life can be rough, you know?

anyway, back to the news.  let's move along to some poignant photo journalism, shall we?

finneas discovered a new recliner for himself.

then he discovered a new purpose for his recliner: parking ramp.

penelope wrote her own name.  completely unprompted and unassisted.  she just...figured it out while todd and i were in the other room.

this chica turned three months old and looks like she's rocking it.

and then there were these:

we got these awesome address labels in the mail.  hilarious.  i'm pretty sure todd (i mean, tood) would prefer i throw them away.  i'm pretty sure i would prefer to put them on any and every letter that leaves this house from now until the day we move out.  i'll become a penpal just to have a reason to use these.  (on the extra-plus side of these, if i use them to write letters to an inmate, the inmate couldn't look us up after they get out of prison, since there is no 'tood van voorst' in the whitepages.  although, there is something to be said for the fact that the stickers do, indeed, display our address accurately.  so maybe i won't start writing to inmates after all.)

lastly, i re-caulked the bathtub and also weatherstripped the front door, all by my lonesome.  i could be bob villa's twin sister, barb.  barb villa.

oh yeah, and my basement floor got covered in pee and i cried and cried and cried.  i'll tell you about it next week.  or sometime.



todd said...

it was the greatest of times, it was the worst of times...

todd said...

pure attitood.