stock it to me. (not my best title ever, i realize.)

the christmas atticus had just turned one and i was pregnant with penelope, i decided to get crafty and make stockings for the four of us.  there have been three christmases since then, two of which have seen yet another stocking added to the lineup. 

please ignore the fact that they're pretty bunchy; i've already put our stocking stuffers in so that i don't have to worry about doing that later on.  we don't do santa at our house, so why wait?  other than the fact that it makes the stockings look weirdly bunchy the whole week before christmas.

in case you can't see super well, todd's is made from a goodwill sweater and i added a snowflake pattern made out of antique mother-of-pearl buttons.  mine is made out of a pair of todd's old boxers, and i heart it with all of me.  (that button in the middle is the fly opening, and the dark grey trim at the top is the elastic waistband.)  the cuff on atticus' was cross-stitched by my mom, and i made the foot-part out of burlap.  penelope's is made of quilted fabric with an antique lace cuff and antique crocheted flowers.  finn's is made from plaid flannel with a sherpa cuff, since i was pregnant with him when i made it and i had a feeling he'd turn out to be a lumberjack of a kid.  (he has.) 

this year, i made laurelai's from some polka dot cotton, with a blue velvet cuff, and some girly embellishments.  my favorite part is that awesome little peacock feather thingy.

i can't really offer a tutorial; i just traced a normal store-bought stocking onto a paper bag to use as a pattern, and then i went all wonkadonk seamstress.  they're far, far, far from perfect; and i'm almost embarrassed when i think about allowing the kids to take them into their permanent families' christmas traditions later on, and hanging them next to what i'm sure will be nicer ones; but it's also kind of nice to have stockings that reflect us now: imperfect, quirky, kind of silly, a little embarrassing, and cutest when we're all together.

how's that for some christmas-metaphor mushiness?

merry christmas eve.


todd said...

i like watching wonkadonk seamstress on A&E after duck dynasty.

by the by, my please prove you're not a robot words are:

Cosmetic risagm.

Our life in pictures said...

I love the stockings and you're creativity and only wish I had a teeny creative bone in my body! I also need to you have really awesome lighting in all of your houses or a really great camera or settings that are always perfect for every condition or what?!?!?! You're pictures are always perfectly lit!

paige said...

here's my Ghetto Fab Photography secret: todd and i take all our photos on the 'auto' setting, then in lightroom i hit 'autotone,' then frequently increase the exposure by one or two additional clicks. and that is the extent of my knowledge of fancy photo lighting/settings. we do try to be aware of where the light is coming from, how evenly everything is lit, whether the blinds are open as widely as possible, etc, but at the end of the day, that's all we do!