here's how it really went down.

last week, i totally punted on telling you about our week. it involved christmas and millions of pictures and mentally processing everything and lalala. i just didn't want to deal. but here i am: back, and ready to face last week head-on, just like grown-ups do sometimes. look at me go!

first, let's talk about this bacon 'heart' i attempted the morning of christmas eve. it turned out more like a bacon 'lump.'  it still tasted awesome, but i will admit it's the most disappointed i've ever felt regarding a piece of bacon.

then this happened to penelope.  she got this dress as a hand-me-down from a friend a few weeks ago and has basically not taken it off since.  also, she's wearing one monster foot and one mitten and a hat.  yeah, i don't know.

growing up, on christmas eve, my mom would always allow us to open one present before going to bed.  it took me an embarrassing number of years to realize it was always pajamas.  i would get so excited to get to open a gift early, then so disappointed when it was just jammies - every year for years and years.  i have passed this fun/sad tradition down to my own kids, but they were surprisingly stoked to get jammies.  (when i told atticus they could open one present early, he responded, 'no, i don't want to open any presents tonight because then i won't have anything to open in the morning.'  WHAT?! what kind of benjamin button five-year-old am i raising?!)

before donning said jammies, we thought we'd scrub the kids down so their stench wouldn't drive santa away.  (haha, just kidding; we don't do santa.  and luckily for them, you can never stink badly enough that the baby jesus will stop loving you, but wow - it was time for a bath.)

after getting out of the tub, they got to dry off with these adorable bunny towels a dear friend made and sent to them:

THEN! CHRISTMAS MORNING!  it began slowly: i didn't even get the kids up until like 9:00.  they know to just play in their rooms until i come get them in the mornings, and i admit i've been pretty delinquent about it lately.  but you know what?!  i got to start christmas morning at 9:00, which is better than at the buttcrack of daytime like lots of families have to do, so i refuse to feel guilty.  (i do feel a little guilty, truth be told.)

once they got up, they had their cursory christmas 'ring around the rosy with Aunt' binge.  then we finished wrapping some gifts.  then i made some coffee.  then it was 10:30 and the kids starting opening gifts.  it was an amazingly laid back beginning to the ensuing chaos.

finneas got a Bonk Stick, which i found in the target dollar section.  basically, you hit stuff with it and it lights up and there could not possibly be a better gift for finn ever made.  he kept kissing it.

finneas also got a stuffed fox, whom he named neil.  (for those of you playing at home, he now has an alligator wearing a polo and golf pants, whom he named wesley, and a fox wearing a sport coat, whom he named neil.   his friends are quite the sophisticates in both name and dress.)

my mom made the big kids a puppet theater, and finneas did not hesitate to go headless over it.  (yes, yes, he lost his head.)

and to sum up christmas day, here's a photo of everyone crammajammed into our tiny house.  there are few things i love more than to be in my home on holidays, surrounded by people i love.  i love hosting celebrationy stuff and inviting everyone and their mom over.  this year we had a college student join us.  just know: if you're ever vagrant or in need/want of a place to visit on holidays, this lady is your hookup.

and finally, a day or two after christmas, we decorated a gingerbread house (or, as penelope called it, 'a jinglebread house.  a ninjabell house.  a gingerbinge house').  todd said it appears to be the gingerbread equivalent of a mobile home.  it does kind of look like the contractor was a bit drunk...

and that was Christmas Week.

(oh, and ps- thanks to all of you who sent christmas cards and letters!  we love hearing how everyone is doing, and what you've been up to, kind of like a blog on paper.  this year got totally away from us and i didn't get a letter of our own sent out, but don't give up on me! keep me on your mailing list and i'll try to do better next year!)


todd said...

my "please prove you're not a robot" words are literally:

Quitting maudech.

I don't know what maudech is, but I'm quitting it too.

I'm sad Christmas is over.

whenjeskasparks said...

i absolutely love that picture of penelope in the towel. seriously. i kinda made a squeal sound when i saw it.
why does todd get cool words and i get strings of numbers. so lame.

todd said...

'cause all the kool kids be kwitting maudech, yo!

Tori said...

Just getting caught up on the rest of your blog. Love the pictures of the kids in the towels--so sweet! I also really love the picture of their joy in opening their new jammies! What fun! You are a good mama.