we just don't get it.

well, i started the week off on a serious note with yesterday's blog post, so i figure it's a good time to get serious about something else:  why some christians can seem like hypocritical dillweeds.

now, i don't know every dillweed christian out there, but i do know myself and have a general idea about what sometimes makes us seem like the.worst.  and you know what it is? 

we don't have a great understanding of the gospel.  yepper.

i think we tend to think (wrongly) that, once we know jesus, once we've experienced his sacrifice, once we've been forgiven for all that nasty stuff we all know we've done, it's the time to buck up and get our crap together.  power through, tiny christian!  and what's the opposite of powering through?  looking like we don't have our crap together.  doing some of that same nasty stuff we've always done.  in a word?  failing.  so you know what we do?  we hide our failure.  we pretend it's not there.  we pride ourselves on our successes and deride other people for stumbling and screwing up and generally just being a nuisance to the rest of us.  tarnishing the christian name and all that.

and that turns us into jerks who wave some self-righteous jesus flag around, acting like we're better than everybody.  like jesus is proud of our behavior, and our awesomeness, and our general got-it-togetherness.

that is one stinky turd of a lie from the bowels of hell, do you hear me?  and we're ruining it for a lot of unbelievers and struggling believers out there.

do you want to hear the truth? (oh, well, i don't really care what you want.  i'm riled up and i'm just going to shoot you straight.)  god has high, high standards for you and you FAIL.  so stop acting like you're holier-than-thou and some gift to the name of christianity.  you need a savior because you suck at this.

here's the truth that will change everything.  there are two types of people in this world: sinners, and sinners who have been forgiven by the love and work of jesus.  we are all in the same sinking boat.  but if we've been forgiven, if the sacrifice has been made on our behalf, we don't have to be afraid to fail anymore, because it's been paid for and holds no power over us anymore.  we are free to fail, and free to admit it, and free to say we're sorry and own it.  because it doesn't define us anymore.

so you're a christian and you tell lies?  OWN IT.  say, 'in my flesh, i am a liar.  i can't be trusted.  i am so sorry for the ways that has hurt the people around me and rebelled against the god who loves me.  and thank jesus that he was always truthful!  his record has been given to me, and i'm seen as perfect in god's eyes - NOT because i'm awesome, but because he did it for me and he's awesome.'  and then pray that his holy spirit would give you the power and strength to stop telling lies - it's his spirit that works in you to make you more like him, and he is faithful to sanctify you and turn you into someone you couldn't be without him.

honestly, it doesn't matter what your 'thing' is.  tell me you're a gossip or a thief or a porn addict.  hell, maybe your 'thing' is your nasty 'i'm such an awesome christian' pride.  my answer is the same: you suck.  jesus is awesome.  his work is enough for you, and it's the only thing that can break the power of the sin that's killing you.

IT'S KILLING YOU.  jesus offers to let it kill him instead.

THAT is the gospel.


todd said...

There is a Gospel for Christians who fail. It is not a unique Gospel. It is the same Gospel from which we often desire to graduate. There is hope in retreating to the solace of the cross. We don’t have to be amateur Saviors to others or ourselves. We have a professional who did it right and sat down when He was done. Others don’t need us to be Jesus to them, they need us to need Jesus as we live in front of them and alongside them.

Julie Masson said...

Paige, I think you need to come blog for Kansas City Moms Blog. Your content is killer! Keep writing girl! Keep writing!

Sarah Barton said...

I think we should be besties.

todd said...

Proverbs 31:31

Give her the reward of her labor,
and let her works praise her at the city gates.