'member that time?

hey, 'member that time in high school a lesbian made me an ani difranco mix-tape and told me i could be a model, and i was like, wow she's super nice?  then 'member how later, out of the blue, she told me she liked me liked me and i was all shocked like, whoa i didn't see that coming?


whenjeskasparks said...

bahahaha. where was i for all of this!?
also, let it be known that i regularly tell the story of how you would bribe mr. liechty with candy to get him to leave you/us alone re: midriff shirts and floor parties.


lauren said...

hahaha. love it.

'member that time I went to taco bell, ordered 3 soft shell tacos, ate 2 and thought I'd save the last one? I placed it in the wrapper and then put it in my purse to take home. remember how I switched purses that day and didn't use the other purse for three weeks? remember how my mom walked into the living room with my moldy, rancid purse asking what it was? remember how it was my favorite purse and had to be thrown away? remember how I wanted a taco the next day?

yeah...this has happened TWICE in the past 3 years.